Infrared grade crossing circuits?

Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by Nick8564, Apr 9, 2006.

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    Automatic grade crossing circuits?

    Has anyone try to make or know of a site that shows how to make automatic grade crossings circuits? I want the lights on the crossbucks to automaticaly start flashing before the train gets to the crossing and stop after the last car gets a little ways past the crossing, pretty much like the real deal. I also want to try to include a way to wire in a slowmotion switch like a tortoise to pull down a crossing gate when the lights on the crossing start to flash, and go up when they finish. Im pretty good at making circuits and things, so if someone knows of a place to get the diagram of one I would greatly appreciate it. I could probably build them cheaper then buying them. Thanks
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    If you can, get hold of a couple books by Peter Thorne; he has lots of MRR-related circuitry in them, including a grade crossing activator using magnetically-operated reed switches. This is in a red-and-white covered book titled Easy-to-Build Electronic Projects for Model Railroaders. Another one of his books is yellowish on the front, and titled 34 New Electronic Projects for Model Railroaders.
    If you enjoy building circuits, there are lots of them in those two books.
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    I just ran across a circuit for the Grade crossing,I'll have to do some backtracking .I will try to find the site again and send it to you.
  4. Harold Cole

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    Nick i did find a site that does have a Crossbuck crossing unit that you might want to look at but can't the site that had the circuits you can build yourself.This may help ( Dallee Electronics).Check it out.
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    You might also try looking at circuitron products. I can"t find a web site but any of the internet hobby suppliers carry and list their products.
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  9. i know that tomar industries has a circuit board designed for thier set up they have. it drives the slow motion tortise machine and the grade crossings. if i find info ill copy and send your way. harry
  10. Nick8564

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    Thanks for the information. I have found a a circuit that detect and drives the crossing lights, and a circuit that will lower gates, now if I can find away to combine these two circuits I'll be doing good. Im trying to find a system that I can build myself, becuase I want a lot of these around my layout. Any more information would be greatly welcomed. Thanks.
  11. nick if you want i can try and get close up pics of my tomar crossing gates and describe it. keep me posted.
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    Nick, rather than infra-red, why not do what they do in the real deal and base it upon resistance. When resistance between the rails on the track changes as a certain point, the circuit triggers, then when the resistance changes back, it turns off. That way you can have a train going one direction trigger the event 3' out and turn it off 2" the other side and reverse it for trains coming the other way.
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    That sounds good. Ill can do either infrared, optical, or current. Optical may be not optional, because I want to be able to run a night. Will it work with DCC? Do you have one of these, or just a thought? Thanks for everyones help. The only reason I rather build is because I probably can do it cheaper. Im a college student, so money is really tight, but I manage to squeeze out some for this hobby( releaves the stress of studying to be an Electrical Engineer, Want to work with the electronics on the real locomotives!!!!).
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    Hey railroader9731, where did you purchase your Tomar system from? Maybe I can buy one to see whats going on and model mine off of that one.
  15. papasmurf37

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    Try: and check out their stuff under PRODUCTS. Their grade crossing unit may be what you're looking for. TTFN......Tom aka papasmurf in NH

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