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  1. John Sneed

    John Sneed Member

    Hi, I'am in N,J, and want to go to that model layout here. I can't remember the name or where it s at.If some knows where it is , I want appreciate the information. Its the lay out thats open to the public,I think its HO, but not sure. Thanks John
  2. rich maiorano

    rich maiorano Member

    are you taking about northlandz its in flenington nj on rt 202 north of the flenington circle rt's 202 & 31 the town spelling mite be wrong:confused:
  3. Gary Pfeil

    Gary Pfeil Active Member

    John, Northlanz is in Flemington. Perhaps you will reconsider your decision not to visit, tonight and tomorrow night would be good for me, for an hour visit. If interested, e mail me. Enjoy your visit.

  4. rich maiorano

    rich maiorano Member

    never been there my self but pass it a million and one times one of these days and the wife likes dools too.
  5. 60103

    60103 Pooh Bah

    We went there a few years ago.
    It's a display layout, no operation, trains running in paths.
    I think the walk is about a mile.
    Every scenic joke you can imagine.
    Scenery generally well done, but some areas where you can see the 2x4s under the shell.
  6. gromit

    gromit New Member

    Northlandz visit

    I've been to it twice in the last several years. The layout looks a little beat where the public can get there hands on it. The are plastic shields that are a foot high or so, but it is still possible to touch the model itself. A few displays are protected by glass. On first visit, it's very impressive, mostly HO scale but there's a few smaller setups of larger scale models. It's a model only a madman or a musuem would build. Massive doesn't begin to describe it. Next time I go I think I'll bring a godzilla suit with me and attack.

    The most impressive thing I saw there was a effect created by a normal mirror and two way mirror. You look down thru two way mirror, theres a few lights on the sides of the walls and another mirror opposite you, so it looks like its a bottomless pit. I wanted to create the same effect on the clieling of my living room, but I couldn't find a price for 2 way glass on the internet. :rolleyes: :D :D
  7. John Sneed

    John Sneed Member


    I hate to use this for personal messages, but I'am not sure if Gary is reciving the emails I've been sending.So please forgive the use of space that can better be used for more inportant things haveing to do with trains and other stuff.So, Gary,I'll be here til saturday.I'll check the Gauge often and we'll see what happens. John

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