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  1. sparky66

    sparky66 New Member

    Is the Kraft sport 72.32 Mhz still valid and legal. I have one but haven't utilized it for a while. It's got 5 channels and 4 servos.
    Thanx for your patience.
  2. wtb3886

    wtb3886 New Member

    sparky66: Does your radio have a gold sticker on the back of the radio, if so then you should be alright. Just make sure to cycle those batteries :)
  3. Kelvin Heath

    Kelvin Heath New Member

    72.320 is one of the old frequencies from before the current channel allocations. A radio on that frequency predates the Gold Sticker program. Kraft receivers were always very good, but one this old may not be narrow-band as required to operate in today's environment. Try contacting Pete Waters at Kraft Midwest for legal/technical advice about updating or using this radio. Remember that you are legally liable if you launch a plane using out-of-date equipment. You may be able to use the radio, but be certain that you have all the right questions asked and answered.
  4. Kelvin Heath

    Kelvin Heath New Member

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