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Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by schatzy-d, Sep 30, 2007.

  1. lastvautour

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    I have not been to Shearwater yet. I am not much for driving these days. I hope to make it before I go too far on my 1/144 scale version.

  2. lastvautour

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    I emailed him and he said that the drawings were refit drawings of elements of the ship which no doubt were refitted and not the whole vessel.
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    Good thing to know. Thanks.
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    Nice work there... I was contemplating doing the HMAS Melbourne (Majestic class if not mistaken) instead of my Daring Destroyer as the eventual recipient of the model also served on her. OZMODS have a 1:350 kit of one of the Darings but it was just too small for my liking... I'd love to take on a 1:96 carrier one day but looking at the size of my 1:96 Daring class, I doubt it'll ever happen. :D

    Congrats on finishing it.
  6. lastvautour

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    Jaffro, I too was considering a 1/96 scale HMCS Bonaventure, but building out of solid wood, I could not carry it. I have started a 1/144 model and will probably take a year or more to complete it. The HMAS Melbourne started as a sister ship to HMS Powerful who eventually became the Bonnie. The Melbourne was also modified with an angled deck and modern equipment. It is hard to get a model correctly as they continuously modify the ship throughout its life. I am trying to present the Bonnie as she was before the last refit. In making the 1/350 version, I used some photos of the Melbourne and The Bonaventure during my research. Hope to see your carrier completed.


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