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Discussion in 'Ship & Watercraft Models' started by Ashrunner, Mar 6, 2004.

  1. Ashrunner

    Ashrunner Member

    Hi -- I was wondering if someone could give me more information on a ship model I saw. Its the CFM Verlag BG23/BG24 model. What I would like to know is what type of ship is it, if it is a U.S. ship, what class ship is it and anything else anyone knows about the kit. I am not much of a ship builder, but this model caught my eye. Thanks in advance.
  2. cadwal

    cadwal Member

    There should be at least something available through the link at the bottom of this page but it isn't working right now. It is a german coast guard ship as far as I can tell.
  3. Darwin

    Darwin Member

    Rather than start what could become an infinite number of threads. I will steal this one for my information request. Does anyone have reference photographs (color, preferably) of Russian inland freighters? I ran across crude templates of one that was published in the Young Technician magazine that is just screaming to be built, but need some direction on color schemes. The general description of the subject prototype is about 87 m length, shallow draft, twin screw, two side-by-side stacks near the stern, superstructure at the bow, appears to be two large (about 20 m long) cargo holds amidships. A bulk carrier, maybe? Anyone have anything in their goodie locker that might be of help?
  4. Jim Krauzlis

    Jim Krauzlis Active Member

    Could you perhaps post a picture of the ship you are talking about.
    I recall seeing two ships on that site, one of the icebreaker Artika, the other was what I would refer to as a LASH ship, a ship designed to load and carry barges. I don't recall the length, but it was a very long, boxey hull with the stacks about one quarter from the stern, but right along the sides on each side of the hatches, and the house way up forward. Seemed to be a clone of the LASH ships that were built and sailed in the mid to late seventies, and are now part of the US Reserve Fleet.
    It's one of the ships on my LONG list of projects to be done, and needs a bit of work to do it right.
    Maybe you might have a link to the YT site where it is?
  5. Jim Krauzlis

    Jim Krauzlis Active Member

    It is a German Coast Guard vessel, with the Federal colors in bands and the words "KÃœSTENWACHE" on the side. Although I could not find a picture of B-23/24, you can see some photos of their fleet generally at this site:
    Hope this helps.
  6. Maurice

    Maurice Member


    OK so I never did do it, but I did find
    But they've redone the site and not yet got their tech drawings bit going again.
    Now I've lost track and lost what I found, so you'll just have to flog your way through and identify the type. From the links from that you should be able to find a reasonable drawing and pics from a company that operates them. Some have been modified for short sea routes and I once found some pics of one docked in Grimsby, England of all places.
    Sorry I can't just send the info but lost is lost.
    BTW the Young Tech model isn't all that primitive, it will make a good start.

    Bon voyage
  7. Darwin

    Darwin Member

    Jim, the illustration of the model I'm working on is attached (one of these days I'll learn how to cut a photo into these posts). It is neither the icebreaker (Arktika) or the LASH ship (Aleksie Gagarin?)...I have completed kitting both of those. If you're interested in the Aleksie, contact me off-forum. No guarantees on the parts fits, though....I haven't gotten around to cutting paper on it yet.
  8. Darwin

    Darwin Member

    Maurice, thanks for the link. It looks as if it might be the "Project 19620" class. White superstructure, black hull, possibly red waterline stripe and yuck-green bottom?....any guesses on what the deck color might be? I think the worst part of this project is going to be isolating the individual parts from the YT "compressed" drawings. I agree that the accuracy of the YT drawings is pretty good, considering the relative absence of major problems during the Arktika and Jaguar projects.
  9. Jim Krauzlis

    Jim Krauzlis Active Member

    Thanks, Darwin, I might just take you up on that Arktika model! :D
    I have a link that at one time gave you the files for the various models YT offered, but although the webpage is still there all of the links are now down and apparently no longer there. :cry: I am almost certain this coastal ship was one of them.
    Do you have a current link to those models (assuming you know what I am talking about :? )
    The files needed some work, as I recall, so I don't envy you!
  10. Darwin

    Darwin Member

    Jim, I know the one you are takling about. No link, other than to the CD I burned before the site was dismantled. And no, I'm not particularly into masochism....just have a hard time passing up a challenge.
  11. Maurice

    Maurice Member


    This isn't the company I mentioned before but you do get some lighter colours.
    English version - short sea transportations - vessels - vegetable carrying vessels projects 19620 - (text not the pic)
    And the decks aren't that wretched red brown.

    And it's the Aleksei Kosygin and it's not a clone of anything but part of a rather unique Russian maritime achievement.
    and links.

  12. Bernhard

    Bernhard Member

    BG 23/BG 24

    Back to Asrunners original question.

    As Jim already pointed out, the ships BG 23 and BG 24 are German coast guard vessels. After a web search I think I can elaborate a little bit on this:

    BG stands for "Bundesgrenzschutz" which is the German border police, a federal service. Their maritime arm, the "Bundesgrenzschutz - See" patrols the German waters mainly to clamp down on illegal immigration. Minor duties include general policing of the waterways, environmental and fishery protection as well as SAR. Their activities partially overlap with those of other federal and private services. In other parts of the world the Coast Guard takes care of all of these duties. To streamline the appearance of the German official services with that of other countries the German boats, regardless of whether they are under command of "Bundesgrenzschutz", "Fischereischutz" (fishery protection), or "Zoll" (customs service), now all sport the word "Küstenwache" (coast guard) on their hulls as well as US Coast Guard-inspired "racing stripes" in the national colors black, red, and yellow. (click on button "Seefahrzeuge" to see their vessels)

    I have never seen the cfm kit for BG 23/24 in the flesh but the picture at cfm's website shows neither BG 23 nor BG 24 but BG 22 instead. All three boats BG 22 "Neustrelitz", BG 23 "Bad Düben", and BG 24 "Bad Bramstedt" are stationed in Neustadt (Holstein) on the Baltic Sea. Here some more pictures of the real ships:

    Both BG 22 and BG 23 started their careers in the former German Democratic Republic as fast guided missile/artillery boats (project 151) of the "Volksmarine" (people's navy).
    After the collapse of the communist system and the reunification with the Federal Republic of Germany they were taken over by the Bundesgrenzschutz and remodeled to their present apparition called Type 50.

    BG 24 "Bad Bramstedt" is a new construction (Type 66) and was designed for the Bundesgrenzschutz from the start. I wonder/doubt whether the kit actually lets you build BG 24/25/26.

    Happy modeling

  13. Ashrunner

    Ashrunner Member

    Bernhard... Thanks for the information. I asked regarding those ships as I once spent a day on a Wind class USCG icebreaker, the Northwind I believe, and went on an Arctic icebreaking run. Fascinating day. Since I have gotten into papermodels, I have a list of things I would like to model, and one of them is an icebreaker. It would be great if I could get a wind class ship, but any icebreaker would do for me. When I saw the small photo of the ship, I thought it might possibly be one. They still are interesting vessels and I may just go ahead and dive into the watery world of ship models with that particular one anyway. Again thanks. Really great information you passed on.
  14. Darwin

    Darwin Member

    I share your interest in the Wind class of breakers...I don't think anyone has designed a paper model of the class. If anyone can get me a set of drawings, I would give designing one the old college try. I recommend the Arktika as a fun build of an icebreaker.
  15. Darwin

    Darwin Member

    Is anyone up to doing a beta build? Another week and the kit I've been working on for a "generic" project 19620 river ship should be far enough along to see if it is buildable by someone other than myself.
  16. Alfred

    Alfred Member

    Hello Ashrunner,

    hire a Picture from the Mellum is a very beautyful Ship

    Is a very difficalt Cardmodel

  17. Ashrunner

    Ashrunner Member

    Alfred...that is definitely a beautiful ship...and way above my capabilities right now. I have enough trouble with Volker Race and streeat paper models 8v) One of these days I may find one suitable to my capabilites. I hope so. A waterline diorama with some of my iceberg photos for a background would look nice.
  18. barry

    barry Active Member

    Darwins Beta


    I'll give it a go if you like


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