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  1. I wanted to know if the traveling train shows come to town often. I’ve just started my model railroad and there is going to be a show in town at the end of the month. I’m working on what my layout will be so I can purchase as much as I can at the show to save money (if I find deals) but I’m not sure if I’ll have my layout done before the end of the month. With the holidays and all and I do not want to rush the planning I’m not sure the plan will be done before the show. I want to know if I shouldn’t worry because the shows come to town often and it’ll not be a year or a long time before the next show comes. Also, I’m I over expecting to get good deals at the show? I’m in the Northern Virginia area if that helps with knowing the frequencies of train shows in the area.
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    Travelling rail shows are rare -- I'm not sure if there are one or two left in the US. I know none of them come to Canada.
    However, there are other shows that you can go to. I know that Maryland has some (used to have a nephew in Harper's Ferry) and there should be a few others. The train museum in Brunswick could tell you, also the one in Hagersville.
  3. Thanks for the info I'll look into these places and find out.

    Happy holidays
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    You could go to this site and check out Greenberg, GATS and the Worlds Greatest Hobby shows. There's one near you in a few weeks.
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  5. Yeah, the Greenberg show will be here Dec. 29 & 30 and I plan on going if only to see what kind of deals can be found. I also want to see the quality of the different manufactures since I'm not able to find a good LHS in my area.

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