Info on the Railcar/railbus???? from Grasse River

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    I think I recall mention of a Motor car, railcar selfpropelled passenger car that was used on the Grasse River railroad (?) that ended up in Lancaster County PA. Does anyone have any data on this.

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    motor car

    My apologies to the board, I am a moron, all the info I was looking for was already posted. SORRY
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    I'm glad someone is reading those old posts.
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    That Moter Car started in Lancaster so it is appropriate that it return there. It seems to be the last car running any regular service of both the Lancaster Oxford and Southern Who built it and the Grasse River.

    The other Railbus (or one of the Six) was a real 1931 White bus converted to run on the rails. In later years it was the only passenger service. AKA the "Jumping Goose" it was often photographed and lasted until consumed in a fire in the 60's at the Rail City Museum.

    If someone with more $ than me wanted to pull a Lazerous stunt like was done with the RGS Goose that Bachmann is doing now in model form. There is a running condition and restored 1926 White Bus in this months "Hemming's Moter News". The 26 and 30 shared a body and this particular was one of the fleet of White buses lovingly mantained by the Park Dept at Yellowstone. They have taken many many trips and have been restored and remotered many times. This 1926 one was the odd man out and while the others have streamlined 1936 styling this one is the old maid. So it seems they are selling this one off as surplus.

    If anyone reading this has ties to the Adirondak RR. They should think about getting this one as a project. I know they are slowly rebuilding the old NYC line between Utica and Sarinack Lake. With hopes to run it as a tourist line. The roadbed will not hold a full sized train yet but it will hold a 2 ton railbus. And I'm sure it would both be cheaper and fun to run and they could charge a premium on "rare miles in a railbus". The Grasse river was standard gauge so the bus could even become an ambassador like the RGS Goose became going to other lines as a special event. The Grasse River connected to this former NYC line the Adirondak RR runs at Childwold on route so it is even somewhat authentic. It would get them good attention and move them towards thier larger, ambicious goal. Plus it would be really cool.

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