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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by UH-60Pilot, Dec 31, 2006.

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    Hello all:wave:, I have come across this engine while cleaning out the Mother In Law's garage. Its a Crescent Limited and from what I can gather it is an HO scale. The last time I looked for it online I came across it being sold around $300-$400jawdrop, and from what my wife remembers is that the MIL paid about that much for it. This thing has never been out of the box, has a certificate of authenticity numbered 899 out of who knows how many. Its maid by Mantua Industries Inc and from what I can find out about them is they closed down in 2001. I have no interest i n this other than to sell it really and would like to know if I have something thats truly worth something or not. ANY info would be greatly appreciated. Im attaching 2 pictures if they turned out. I placed a 3.5" floppy disc next to one of the pictures to give an idea of its size.

    I cant upload the pics they are too big so here is a link to a blog I work on from time to time.

    Thanks again.
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    I believe the engine in question is a 4-6-2 pacific, and I have seen them for as little as $65 on the display.
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    Thanks for the info guys, perhaps you know someone interested in it.

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