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    I'll be referencing points in this plan according to the grids:
    1 2 3 4 5 6

    My track plan is the Scenic and Relaxed, and will be pretty much as shown here. Instead of a 3x6 however, mine is allow for more scenery. I won't be using that much water either. It looks like this picture shows a small logging operation at the bottom left, but I don't want that type of industry. Which leads me to my questions:

    1) How many industries can I safely fit on something this size? I definitely want a small town area where shown. I already have a small grain/feed store that will be on one of the spurs there. Near B-5.

    2) Grain is definitely a must. I love covered hoppers, so an elevator will be on here somewhere for sure. Since the feed store is in town, the elevator will probably be one of the buildings shown at A-1 or B-1.

    3) I'd really like a coal mine, like the Walther's New River Mining Co. But I don't think it would fit anywhere on this track plan. It's a 2-3 track industry, and the only place it might fit is at A-4...but I doubt it. Even then, getting the scenery right for the shaft would be tricky if possible at all.

    4) I'm not too partial to tank cars, so I'd like to avoid industries that involve them if possible. Though I do really like the Interstate Fuel & Oil structure, so I'm not ruling it out completely.

    Need some input!
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    A test?:wave:

    Nice track plan drawing though.

    I think if you're asking these questions you need to pick up a couple of building kits that you like for what you think will fit your desires as far as industies go. If you can't see inside the box- you can pretty much estimate from the photos on the box and often the manufacturer offers "foot print" dimensions on the box. And, Yeah, it doesn't always turn out the way you want- uhhhh, sometimes you have to alter your plans- much like the rail barrons did except this time you get to rule the roost and accept the compromises that move things forward. All in the name of success. I say move forward.

    I happen to love tank cars- ohhhhhhh- the greasy, smelly oily smell- i get faint~~~~~ that and creosote. Anyway- that not withstanding- check out the manufactures to see what they offer that "fits" your railroad. Ohhh I am having the vapors from the thought of oil vapors.

    announce1 A little tounge-in-cheek there 2-8-2!:D

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    2) Grain is definitely a must.

    What a great oportunity to add a ... brewery.

    Model Power has an N scale brewery structure.
  4. MasonJar

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    The opportunities are almost endless - but what timeframe and locale are you considering. This will impact the style of building, and also type of business that is appropriate.

    Also - one note on your grain elevator plus "store in town". The two would have been combined in almost every instance. Not to say it didn't happen, but when dealing with bulk commodities, the store is often close to the source, so to speak.

    Much like the grain/brewery combo, if you do the coal mine, you could also do a coal dealer. Dealers would also typically handle fuel oil and other bulk goods like cement, salt, or aggregates.

    To answer your overall question - maybe 6 or so individual industries. If you make one of them a "team track" on the north siding in A-5, you can conceivably run almost any type of car in there for the benefit of a business or businesses that may not even be represented on the layout.

  5. MasonJar

    MasonJar It's not rocket surgery

    One other thought - if you extend the track at the top off the layout left and right to staging of some sort, you can treat the folded loop like a branchline, and gain the operations of interchange as well (basically another industry).

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    Dimensions of at least the Walthers kits are available to get a sense of what will fit.

    I like the Interstate Fuel and Oil; I have a version on my layout. A small town dealer might have handled coal as well-- a two for one special-- depending on the time period modeled.
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    Sorry, I forgot to post that info. Timeframe: 1953. Locale: Northwest Ohio.

    Very good point about having the feed store "in town". The good news with that is, the structure isn't completely finished yet, and it's generic enough that I can really make it whatever I want it to be. I also like the idea of a bulk commodities dealer. Given my small space, I can model a couple larger industries, and have them delivered to the same location. It would save space, but still provide operation. Do you have a sample structure in mind for such a dealer?

    I've also considered doing a gravel pit. I really like the Glacier Gravel structure, but modeling the actual pit could be a challenge. It would have to be really scaled down to fit my layout, and I don't know if it would look right. Ugh...I need to get some track laid, so that I don't have this problem.
  8. 60103

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    On a small layout like this, you're going to have everything too close together for proper realism. An interchange is probably the best way to accommodate some industries. Some sort of factory or warehouse wall flat along the side at A1-A2.
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    Sadly that holds true for any size layout..:( Thankfully by having independent industries instead of those tied together makes a small(or any size) layout more believable.:thumb:
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    2-8-2,Here is a list of industries found on the Huron River Ry..This list was compiled from phone books and on line resources.Some of these industries will work in your era.

    Continental Grain.
    Lakeside Frozen Foods.
    Ohio Steel Drums.
    Huron Lumber
    River Terminal Inc.
    Oberlin Grain
    Reed's Scrap Metals
    BP Oil
    General Foods
    Carr's Distribution
    Agrow Fresh Produce
    SugarDale Foods.
    Rittman Steel Tubes
    86 Lumber
    BP Oil.
    North Star Co-op.
    Paxton Lumber
    Barberton Sheet Metals
    Wilson Cement Products
    Bond home Improvement
    DFI Chemicals
    Dad's Treats
    Weissman Dog Food Inc
    Welby Inc.
    Nexus Distribution
    Superior Cardboards
    Patton's Warehousing.
    Sax Scrap Iron
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    Thanks for that list, it actually inpired me in more than just a few ways! As usual, you've been a great help to me. I noticed a lot of lumber industry, which I thought was kind of odd for Ohio...but then I remembered there's a huge Hoge (I think) lumber operation not that far from where I live. I might have to venture over there one of these days and take some pics.

    I bit the bullet today and ordered Interstate Fuel & Oil. It will fit in a number of locations on this layout, and gives me an excuse to buy some tank cars as well. I've been kind of hesitant to buy any larger structures for fear of them not fitting right. I'd like to have my track laid out before commiting to anything larger.


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