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    Can anyone recommend a way to replicate industrial handrails in HO. I know Plastruc makes them but they have a square x-section and I think round would look better. I have tried a couple methods of scratchbuilding them but none that will take less than forever. I need about 5ft worth. The ones I am trying to make are about 3.5ft tall with two rails about 3 inches in diameter. Thanks,
  2. beeblebrox

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    If you can make a short section of railing you're satisfied with, you could try casting it in resin. Depends on what it's worth to you. I've seen some complete rubber mold and resin kits for around $25.
  3. Russ Bellinis

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    Athearn stanchions are cheap. Bend up piano wire handrails the right thickness and solder them to Athearn stanchions.
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    Paul , I had the same problem and found these . You will need several packages as there is a variety of railings in each .


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    I soldered the ones on this structure out of brass wire. I would use phosphore wire from CMA if doing it again. I normally flatten the top of the verticals to give a little more surface area and strength to the joint and solder it all up with a 30w pencil iron.

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