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    I thought it might be interesting to have a thread about industrial areas of your layouts. We could post pictures, track plans, rules (or all!) for these areas on your layouts.
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    I thought this might be of interest to some, it is a small part of an industrial switching area that I have been working in this past week. Notice how many spurs there are on this one page! There are many branches also, the best part is the short siding and wye at the bottom of the page. This area is useful to get your engine on the other end of the train, or to turn yourself around so you can switch the spurs that go the other direction. There are many crossings to blow the horn at too! It would be cool to model an industrial area after some place like this. It almost looks like a layout track plan with all of the branches, they look like they could be peninsulas. Here is the map...(sorry it's kinda large, but at least you can see it!)

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    Just a red X here.
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    I don't see a picture or a red x.
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    Found on my HO industrial switching layout.
    1.Bremen's Distributors.In. Steel grave vaults,caskets. out Empties.Boxcars
    2.Pilisbury.In Flour,sugar,Corn starch,corn sweetener. Out: Empties.Cover hoppers,Tank Cars.
    3.Valley Whole Sale: In Food Stuffs.Out Empties.Boxcars
    4.Standard American Knitting:In Cloth,dyes.Out Military Uniforms,empties.Boxcars,Tank Cars
    5.Williams Manufacturing:In steel coils,empty boxcars..Out: Steel Doors empties..Coil cars,boxcars
    6.The C.J.Browniing Company.In Scrap rubber,empties.Out: Rubber Pellets,empties.Boxcars Cover hoppers
    7.Deer Creek Meats: In Meats Out Empties..Reefers
    8.Allen & Sons:In empties Out: scrap..Gons
    9.The Holystone Corp.In:Hides Empties.Out Leather,Empties..Boxcars
    10.Carrs Distribution: In Beer,,tobacco Products.Out Empties..Boxcars
    11.Lockhart's Printing Corp.In Ink,Paper.Out Empties..Tank cars boxcars
    12. J.W.Spillman Produce.In Produce.Out Empties..Reefers.
    Team Track.
    Jackson Caterpillar. In Heavy equipment.Out empties. Flat cars.
    Mike's Lumber & Roofing.Luumber,roofing.Out Empties.Lumber cars and boxcars
    Millers & Sons -Inactive.
    Southern Ohio Rural Electric.In .Cable. Out empties.Flat cars and Gons.
    Quints Steel tubes.In Steel tubes.Out: Empties.
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    -Larry, it sounds like you have enough work on your layout to keep a few people busy at an op session!
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    Can you repost the pics as all I see is a red X as well.
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    Mike, Actually the layout is 11'6" x2'..As for operation not all industries receives cars daily..I have about 6 different operating scenarios I can,when I get the N scale industrial switching layout finished it will have 4 more industries then its HO counterpart.It to is 11'6" x 2'..I am yet to name any of these industries except for the Pillsbury plant.You see my late wife built the first one in N scale when I was in N scale in the 80s.When I returned to HO she built one in HO as well..So,I used them..Now,the HO layout is DCC and on the N scale I will be using my MRC CM20 which is of course DC.Why do I have 2 layouts? Well,I have to much tied up in DCC/Sound not to use it so I decided to keep the HO layout..I have a lot in N scale and I wanted to use it instead of selling it off.So,I am building a N scale industrial switching layout along the opposite wall where my HO layout is located...Besides I did not want to part with these beauties.The inside of the cab has been painted black since that picture was taken and MT couplers was added

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