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  1. is there a thread on here that describs what a certain industrie recives or ships out what the produce??? such as my line of work milk industrie if we were to recive by rail: we use difrent powders, corn oil, sugars, fructose, card board and of course milk and soy milk. then the chemical side of things peroxide, caustic acid, hydroclhoric acid. then ship out many types of milk.
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    There are many people here more then willing to help you. Just ask what you want and 3 or 4 opinions will be up in a matter of hours.

    Modern milk operations is interesting I'd say lots of both kinds of traffic road and rail.
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    Brakie lists a number of industries with loads in and out in this thread: Maybe some of those will be helpful.

    You might take a look at some of the other industry related threads in Trackside Industries and Details as well as some in the Operations Forum about coal and steel.

  4. cool nice thread:thumb::thumb: what about something like walthers madusa cement what would they ship and receive?
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    Well,they would receive sand,gravel and cement.As far as shipping maybe concrete bridge beams or concrete pipes.Most concrete plants either use mixer trucks for local customers and usually ships by truck to construction sites.

    Of course you could ship concrete blocks in boxcars as well.
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    For the cement plant, maybe it'd be best to have an in side with rail for the sand/gravel, and out side with trucks to ship the cement?
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    It depends on whether the cement plant on your layout is at or near a gypsum mine or is a distributor. Here in So Cal, there are a lot of gypsum mines, and at least one plant I know of that quarry's aggregate and sand as well as gypsum from near by. Those plants will ship cement by both truck for local construction and by rail to plants that are strictly distributors. On the other hand there is a cement plant in downtown Los Angeles that receives sand and aggregate by rail. I'm not sure if the cement comes in by truck or rail, but they just mix cement and aggregate to make concrete and send it to local construction sites by truck. Both types of plant look the same except the ones that are mining gypsum will have a hill being cut down nearby. The one in Los Angeles is surrounded by warehouses.
  8. thanks forthe helpfull information guys:thumb: gives me all kinds of veriations for rail loads in and out. now to get one with out spending a arm for one.
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    I don't know if this will help, but Google for Shenware Indman. It list industries by state, and what they ship and receive.

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    There is a half-hour program on the Science Channel titled "How It's Made" that is highly informative, and takes the viewer from the arrival of raw materials to the finished products. Interesting to watch, too.

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