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  1. on30francisco

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    Is anybody else modeling Large Scale indoors? I'm modeling a small freelanced narrow gauge logging line around the perimeter of a room. What attracted me to Large Scale was the incredible detailing potentials, and the ease of scratchbuilding. I find it to be no more expensive that the smaller scales.
  2. ScottyB

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    From other forums, I see that you have switched from On30 to large scale. I am in that same dilemma now. I have a huge basement begging for a railroad, and I originally thought of On30. But after getting a large scale shay and mogul for dirt cheap off ebay, I am seriously considering large scale.

    I am wondering what track you use (or are planning to use) for your layout? Seems that is the largest expense. In my mind, I am trying to justify that in any other scale I would be using 4x as much track in a given space.

    Also, do you have any photos of your work?

  3. spankybird

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    Check out this Store. It has one of the largest indoor G gauge layout in the US. Ridge Road Station in NY state.

    Ridge Road Station | In-Store at RRS

    Click on the vidio of trains in the lower middle of the page to see thier vidio of it.
  4. Mauiman

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    I wonder if the New Bright are made at a True G scale or is it not?
  5. spankybird

    spankybird OTTS Founder

    I guess it depends on which New Bright you are refering to and which scale of G gauge.

    G gauge can be 1:32, 1:24, and 1:20 and LBG which has no true scale.

    Here is a pic of my New Bright Christmas train, So what scale do you think it is.


    I really believe it is really just a TOY :mrgreen:
  6. dbaker48

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    Interesting, I would imagine there are as many G-Scale trains running around the periemeter of rooms, as there are outside. Probably more. I have had an elevated track for many years. (2 different occassions) Just finished putting up a 2 track shelf, the back track is elevated 4" higher than the front track. Looking forward to doing the detailing and scenery on it. I'm sure it will keep my spirits High !

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