inclines for O gauge locos

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    I am building my son an O guage layout around the perimiter of his room. I need to know how I go about figuring the degree of the inclines and the rate of incline, so I will know if they will workout or not. If I need to go to plan B than thats not a problem, but it is plan B.
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  2. jetrock

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    Measure the horizontal length traveled and the vertifcal rise desired. Divide the rise by the length and you wil have the angle of incline: 1 inch change in elevation in 100 inches is 1/100=.01=1% incline. 2 inch change is 2% incline, etcetera. Normally you don't want to go over 2% or 3% inclines unless the trains will be very short.
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    An old rule of thumb with O-27 track was 1/4" per length, or round it off to 1/4" per foot.
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    For those who didn't take trigonometry in school (too busy with Latin and Greek) the percent of a grade is not the same as the degrees in the angle. (Had a friend who tried to do it with a level and a protractor.)
    The 1/4" per foot is 1 in 48 and close enough to 2%. 2% is a reasonable model railroad grade, but often a maximum. 4% is possible but should be tried out first. Steeper grades will shorten your trains.

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