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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Mike R, Aug 21, 2004.

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    With 40 years in the hobby now, and a John Armstrong fan all of those years, I can tell you that John didn't follow the trends - he created a lot of them. He was one of the most innovative thinkers, along with people like Linn Westcott, that the hobby has ever had. Given the length and depth of his association with Kalmbach, I would be very surprised not to see a major tribute shortly.

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    And for each of the greats of the past, there are greats of the present. Some of them are right here......Robin, and his work in cardboard.....Shamus, and just about everything he does,( not to exclude others here), We are fortunate not only to be able to see their work, but to be able to ask them, and get answers from them. I remember John Armstrong......I would be very happy if someday someone remembers me, even if very briefly in MR.
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    The people in mrring back in the 60's are those that I still refer to from time to time. It is no disrespect to the many fine people of today . I just feel a comfort and a loyalty of sorts to Armstrong , Allen , Wescott , Jack Work , Smallshaw , Frary , MacClanahan , Koester and many more . There work is timeless and yes they did it with few of the resources we enjoy today . Scratch building was the rule rather than the exception . IMO their ideas and artistry are timeless .

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    In our hobby it's just the same thing like in the sciences: In earlier 'primitive' times it was fairly easy to discover something completely new - Mendel discovered the laws of genetics, Darwin developped the first useable theory about evolution, Roentgen discovered a new type of radiation etc. etc. They opened the doors to completely new sciences. But today we alraedy know so much that one single scientist only has the chance to clear up some little details - and therefore the names of the modern scientists are like shooting stars - today a new name flashes over the radio/TV news, tomorrow they are forgotten. But the 'old' names remain stuck in our memory.

    In mrring it's the same: John Armstrong will stay a synonym for trackplanning, Frank Ellison will be known for propagating realistic train operation, Bill McClanahan and Westcott stand for hardshell scenery/zip texturing, and so on...

    BUT: While we (at least we older guys) will remain grateful for the inventions of these pioneers, there are new masters of the trade, whose work is just as awesome.

    And we at the Gauge have the privilege to be in direct contact with people like 'Shamus', Robin, 'Casey Feedwater', Spitfire and... and... and... Thanks to the internet we can look them over their shoulders - that's almost like meeting them in person.

    All of them, the old and the new masters have contributed to our hobby, and they still do, and they and others will do it in the future. That's why this is such a great hobby - because they are willing to share their knowledge with the great bunch of modelers all around the globe. :thumb:


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