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    it was abput the summer in 1992 when I was awaitning orders from the dispatcher in cumberland, when a Union Pacific dash 8 stubled in the yard ith a broken axel. CSX had to put it into the shop immediately, so then I was called to park it in the shop, using a GP30 #4102. I got to work and started to puh the engine into the shop and then the UP unit started to sway violently to the left, (20 mph) so, I immediately applied brakes and just as I stopped the unitswung off the rails and sat cross-ways across 3 tracks withnthe fuel tank resting on the rails. Crews were called and got to work and the engie was replaced on temporary set of wheels. It was determined that the GE plant used faulty steel in the axels, because 2 of 3 front axels broke on the front truck and 1 broke in the rear. moral of story--- don't push your luck by attempting to work a disabled object.
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    Hi Tim
    Good story...great moral...thanks for both.

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