In Memory of Johnny Trains

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by leghome, Mar 4, 2005.

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    I do not remember if Johnny Trains(John Niegocki) was member here or not but he died about ten months ago. He really loved trains and anyone who knew him misses him. I met up with him the first time in Deshler Ohio. He came to chase trains and take mountains of pictures of the same. He also came to visit railohio(RO)(Brian Schmidt) and anyone else who showed up in Deshler that weekend. We had a great time. He also went with RO to Cincinnati to visit the big train yard behind Cincy's Grand Terminal. He had a friend who worked there and got them access to the whole place. On thier way back to his mother In-laws house in Ohio they came by my place to see my layout and visit for a while. A friend of mine made me up some decals so I thought I would share a couople of pix with you. I have not used the digital camera for close ups in a long while and it shows. I will try and work on getting better pix in the next few days.

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    Sorry to hear that Larry. While I didn't know Johnny Trains it sounds like the hobby has lost someone very special. It's nice that you are remembering him this way.

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    Long time... Yes, I remeber that day at Deshler. Got any Zucchi Bread?! ;) :p

    It really stunned me about John :cry: :cry: ; I was to visit him that summer. :(

    The cars look great. One of the fellows from his parts was going to hook me up with
    images of his work place. I was gonna try bashing a building like it and put it in my
    layout. ... Need to get a hold of him again.

    Anyways... Glad you seem to be healthy. Good things finding you? :wave:
  4. Matthyro

    Matthyro Will always be re-membered

    I first read about Johnny Trains passing at Trainboard. He was a regular contributor there.
    He is missed.

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