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  1. These are in no way meant to be "great" examples of model railroad photography. My objective, though, was to photograph areas of Millers Creek that are typically hard to see - unless you're a spider...

    This first photo shows Johnson's Cider Mill from the back. Weiry & Sons Well Drilling is in the left background, and Ozark Tool & Die is on the right, across the track from the cider mill.


    The second photo shows the "front" (actually it faces the backdrop and is very difficult to see from most positions) of Ozark Tool & Die. Some of the oldtimers here may recognize it as Magnuson's "Allen's Wrench." I reconfigured the layout of the buildings to suit my needs.


    This photo is of the "back" of Ozark Tool & Die. This is actually on the aisle side of the layout.


    Here is Johnson's Cider Mill and Ozark Tool & Die from a different angle. The cider mill was my first scratchbuilt structure. I built it in 1980 or 81. I gave it a place of "honor" as a background structure, but it's not up to my standards today. I based the structure on an E.L. Moore article in an old issue of RMC.


    This is the lumber storage shed and main office of Nichols Wood Products. The front of the cider mill can be seen in the background.


    This is the main office and shop area of Weiry & Sons Well Drilling.


    Finally, Weiry's shipping/receiving dock along the rail spur. Weiry's shares the spur with the cider mill, the tool & die complex, and Sasson's Vinegar.


    Again, all I was trying to do with these was get a few pics of some layout areas that are almost impossible to see otherwise. :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
  2. rockislandmike

    rockislandmike Active Member

    Very kewl; it's always good to see different angles, perhaps angles one didn't originally think would make good photographs. But all of the above are amazing. I especially like shots down tracks.
  3. Uteram

    Uteram Member

    Great Modeling Casey!

    I love your modleing style. Is it Appalachian? Ozarks?
  4. Uteram

    Uteram Member

    I need to learn to read better. It states clearly "Ozarks" above. :)
  5. Gary Pfeil

    Gary Pfeil Active Member

    Boy Casey that is some fine modeling and excellant photos. Love al the details.
  6. Lighthorseman

    Lighthorseman Active Member

    I just love the "Weiry And Sons Well" building. Is this a kit, bashed, or scratchbuilt? That curved false front is really neat.

    You do fantastic work!:)
  7. shamus

    shamus Registered Member

    Hi Mike, some great looking structures on your layout, the photography is also good. I know what you mean about a spider looking at things, I tend to do that with my camera, just sit it at a point and shoot.:D
  8. jon-monon

    jon-monon Active Member

    Casey, you make me wish I were 3/4" tall so I could live there...
  9. Thanks, everyone. :)

    Steve, Weiry & Sons was the first kit from Builders in Scale. They released it as a "limited edition" kit (1200 total) back in 1983. I also have their Nichol's Wood Products and Sasson Vinegar on my layout.

    BIS was recently bought by C.C. Crow, and he is re-releasing most of the product line, including some very nice detail castings, the corrugated siding, and the scratchbuilding supplies.

    Jim Haggard, BIS's founder and former owner, decided to go back to school and complete his Ph.D. in marine biology.
  10. Tyson Rayles

    Tyson Rayles Active Member

    Outstanding modeling and photography my friend! :cool: :) :cool:
  11. sumpter250

    sumpter250 multiscale modelbuilder

    When a building is first constructed, we tear up the land and the new structure stands there like a sore thumb. after a while nature creeps in and "reclaims" the building, it becomes part of the scene. I love the way you have modeled that "incorporation" of the structures back into nature. They all look like they've been there for years!
    Great pictures!
  12. aartwmich

    aartwmich Member

    :eek: :eek: :eek: WOW :eek: :eek: :eek:

    Beautiful Casey!! I would be discouraged if I didn't know you'd been working on this layout for years. I am inspired again.

    Thanks for sharing..always great to see photos..eye candy. did you get more than one photo in a post?
  13. t. alexander

    t. alexander Member

    Dang! I'm doing good to get the side thats supposed to be seen looking good

  14. Drew1125

    Drew1125 Active Member

    Thanks for sharing those wonderful photos Casey!

    Your modeling is not only incredibly realistic, & inspiring to me as a model railroader, it also evokes memories for me, of so many places I knew as a child in central Ky. (LaRue County)
    I can almost hear the flies buzzin', & the drone of cattydids...a far away train...the way the hot sun feels down in the bottom land...the taste of green apples, & tomatos, still warm from the garden, & the smell of weeds, & rain, & barnyards, & tractors...
    so long ago, & so far away...
    Thank you for that, my friend.
  15. Bill Stone

    Bill Stone Member

    Perfect scenes, Casey. You've a great eye for all the little details.
    Sumpter's right. The buildings look like they've been there for years. And like Jon, I wish I could go live there. One of those buildings would be great to build a layout in.....
  16. Vic

    Vic Active Member

    Really Great Pictures Casey!!!:) I like "the spider's view" of things!!:)
  17. marty w.

    marty w. Member

    Great pic's Casey!
    I have a few of the Magnuson kit's still needing to be built.
  18. Again, thanks, everyone. I really appreciate the compliments and positive comments.

    I think I have explored the "possibilities" photographically, so it's time for me to get started to with some new room preparation and new benchwork. I've got a lot of new scenes in mind and no place to put them yet. :rolleyes:

    I downloaded them from one of my personal websites to the forum, rather than uploading them from my hard disk drive. By posting the url of each image, one after another, all of them could be viewed in a single posting.
  19. Bob Collins

    Bob Collins Active Member

    Hey Casey, it all looks perfectly natural to this hillbilly. I think I actually live down the track if you pointed the camera the other direction. You know, down by the hollar:D :D

  20. Hey there, Mr. Bob, is that Anderson's hollar or Boo Booger hollar? ;) :p Now, thet Boo Booger hollar's a right scary place ta be on a moonless night, what with that glowin' light comin' up from the woods outen Silas McGinty's place. hehe....:D

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