Improving a Revell Snaptite A-10?

Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by CNWman, Aug 3, 2008.

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    Hi all:wave:
    I usually stay in the model railroading section on these forums, but I have recently re-discovered two Revell snaptite kits I built back in 1999 when I was around 5 years old; an A-10 Warthog/Thunderbolt II and an Apache AH-64 Hellicopter. The Helli is more or less shot, but the A-10 can be saved. I don't know where the decals should go, or if I should use both tailfin decals at once (one is "SW 55fs" the other "SW 21fs", and you can't see both of them at the same time). If anyone can help me with re-placing the decals I've saved on the model where they should have gone 10 years ago and/or tips on improving the base model, I'd be grateful.

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    this is more of a google qestion try looking for a-10 color schemes/decal plans:thumb:

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