Improved (I think) Homeworld models.

Discussion in 'Internet Finds' started by astrospud, Apr 8, 2008.

  1. astrospud

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    New Homeworld models!

    The Chap who put this site together also did a bang-up job on the models too! I have most of the original Enterprise-E models found on Paperstarships, but the PDO's on YessMasster's site are a distinct improvement, generally in quality. He (?) has increased the size of some of them too. There are even some I haven't even dared contemplate someone modelling, namely the Pride of Higaara! I gotta have a crack at this one!

    Most are PDO's and very well laid out too. No destructions to speak of, but if you know the game, it shouldn't be an issue.

    Marc :wave:
  2. Gearz

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    mmmMMMmm... Yep.. he's pumping out some models all right, although after all this time I wouldn't quite call untested 'sliceNdiced'.pdo's improvement ~ The HW2 Drone posted there, is un-build-able. A little disappointing to see game subject designers still catering for fans only as well. There's lots of kewl looking models I've passed, thanks to no AG and unfamiliarity with the subject / game. I guess it must be a first to post / quantity = kudos thing, which is a shame really, because its a restrictive way to promote card modelling.

    * There's enough models there to keep you building for a while ~ post plenty of build pics for us.. :yep:
  3. astrospud

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    Is this the one you're talking about Gearz? I hope not, 'cause it's one of my favorite designs! :eek: I was thinking it would be a quality model for the ease in which the design can be cut out and an increase in size over the original paperstarships models. But, as I'm a rank noob (only one and a half models under my belt) I thank you for bringing the models' shortcomings to my attention. I may not waste that much photopaper after all :mrgreen::thumb:
  4. fructose

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    Most of the HW2 models are way to complex for an 'easy' build. That's why I didn't do many. He's got a nice looking site, and he managed to snag all the old Ent-E models, so that's all a plus. It's easy to put a model into a pdo, but it's something else to design it for easy building. I'm not even sure if all of mine are build-able. I just think they are. But if you've got something to start with, then it's at least possible.
  5. Gearz

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    astrospud ~ wasn't really trying to point out any short comings, just defending the old guard. We were all working completely in the dark back then, so those first models represent way more than just another bunch of freebies. By all means build away with the models from that site ~ any version of a model is better than none.

    Yep ~ The Keeper Attack Drone. If its one of your favourites, follow the link in my sig and go to the Homeworld page..

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