"Improved Albemarle" Confederate ironclad

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    In 1864 a pair of unfinished Confederate ironclads sat at Rainbow Bluff waiting to be finished out. One was the "Weldon Gun Battery" and the other was ordered by Confederate secritary of Navy to be ready by 1865 as an "improved Albemarle" type ship. Intruth, this second ship was neither bult by the builder of the Albemarle nor was the construction method the same as used on the CSS Albemarle. But the designation stuck, giving moder researchers big headaches.

    improved albemarle post 1.jpg

    improved albemarle post2.jpg

    improved albemarle post3.jpg

    The un-named ship, probebly designed by J.L. Porter, had started life at Tarborough, NC, by an unknown contractor before moving to Rainbow Bluff to receive armor and guns. The weather deck extend out over the hull by two feet and the space filled in to give a belt of protection against ramming and torpedoes. The 153 foot long vessel had a casemate protected by a 30 degree slope and four inches of armor.

    In the end time ran out and the ship was burned, but not before a Union officer mad sketches of the ship. Many thanks to John Wallis for bringing this to my attention. My paper model will be available in full hull and waterline versions. The scale is 1/250.


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    A couple more..

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    First parts page for the water line model kit, some text correction is needed but a good start.

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    The waterline version of this model is up in the free downloads, enjoy.
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    She's a beauty CT! Excellent!
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    Nice. I look foward to adding this one to my collection.
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    Nice one, not the first... and not the last, I hope!
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    ct ertz has quite a collection of these, hey can be found at the link below. Beautiful models that opened up my eyes to a part of History that needs to be revisited,but in detail! ct ertz has single-handedly, it seems, taken of the ironclads, and all the ships that essentially made the world's navies obsolete!


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