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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by basementdweller, Aug 12, 2004.

  1. I was at the hobby shop today, and in conversation with the store person he asked if I have got to hear the new Broadway Limited locos.

    Now bear in mind I have never heard any model locomotive make a sound other than its motor.

    So he demo'd it for me, (I think he just enjoyed hearing it)

    All I have to say is WOW!!!!!!!!! very impressive quality. I didn't bother to ask its cost - way beyond my budget.

    NEMMRRC New Member

    I recently purchased a BLI Pennsy T1 on eBay. The sound is magnificent. The best locomotive purchase I have made thus far. They are pricey but you only need one to get you hooked and trade all your other silent locos for another BLI. I have not heard the diesels though.

  3. Iron Goat

    Iron Goat Member

    The diesel's are just as impressive.... I bought a 2-8-2 "Mike", and then the E-7A, and now my EMD NW-2 is supposed to be delivered in September some time. Jaime is "dead on" correct, as they are like "expensive" salted peanuts.... you can't just have one, and quit !!!

    I just hope they come out with a Great Northern 4-8-4 "Northern" before long... if so, there goes some more of ole Iron Goat's $$$.

  4. JBBVry

    JBBVry Member

    Yes they are pricey but if you look on ebay there are a few of them for about half. i bought a 2-8-2 got it as soon as they came out and have never got to run her at all but i will somday. they are worth the money i have to say that. now i will also say this the one i got is nice and ran good on the test track but the first one they gave to me and tested was a dud wouldn't run at all somthing wrong with the rods. also another thing with there engines back when the Big A came out the little choo choo got a couple of them in damaged in the box. seems that some of them get some pretty good damage in shipping.

    NEMMRRC New Member

    I have just recently bought mine and my layout is put away. I have not been able to run any trains for years now. I did set up a length of track so I could test the sound and inch her along back and forth. It is a great engine and I plan to get more of them.

    I saw where Athearn has released a Challenger with sound. I wonder which sound engine they are using.

    Nevertheless, BLI is going to end up with a great deal of my train money from now on.

  6. CharlesH.

    CharlesH. Member

    I've only heard the sound samples at their website and that was enough to convince me to spend on their mike (when I come up with the $280+ it costs). What will they come up with next?
  7. brakie

    brakie Active Member

    Running non sound equipped locomotives is rather boring to me after I installed Sound Traxx DCC/Sound decoders in 6 of my locomotives..However,there are times I just want to hear the sound of a Athearn Blue Box engine or the sound of silence. :eek: :D
  8. atsfman

    atsfman New Member

    Out of about 170 diesels and two steam, 6 are sound equiped including the two BLI steam engines 4-8-4 Santa Fe. Like Brakie indicated, they are nice, but during operating sessions, they be come a detriment to the session. My crew likes to hear and watch one go around the layout before the session, usually pulling the Tony track cleaning cars, but once the session starts, trying to listen on the radios to the dispatcher, each other, working the trains requires concentration.

  9. petey

    petey Member

    Since you like the Blue Box sound. Buy my Ernst equipped SD 40-2. It will give you 6 months of that "sound" in about five minutes. Really, please buy it.

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