Importing Corel Draw into Illustrator

Discussion in 'Software' started by nx13688, Mar 24, 2005.

  1. nx13688

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    A question for any Illustrator users out there: can Corel Draw files be imported into Adobe Ilustrator? I know Draw can export to Illustrator format, but my Draw help files say that some effects may be lost because they're not supported by Illustrator. However, this is in Draw 10 and both Draw and Illustrator have advanced a few notches since then.
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    I haven't had any problems going the other way, but then Illustrator is a bit behind Coreldraw in that respect. You are more likely to get problems going the other way, but only if you use some of the more extreme features, lenses etc. I have never actually had any such problems. Try it, if it works, bingo. If it doesn't, do let us know!

    One of the reasons I stick with Coreldraw......

    Tim P
  3. rowiac

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    Illustrator cannot import Corel Draw files in their native format. Corel probably exports to an older version Illustrator .ai file, that's why Corel says that some effects will be lost. Even Illustrator will warn you of that if you try to save to an earlier .ai version. However, unless you are using some of the more advanced effects, you may not notice a difference between the Corel and the exported Illustrator files.


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