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    I think one of the most overlooked sources of logging/lumbering information is the college text book. Even the oldest logging/lumbering text books are still available via the interlibrary loan system here in the USA.

    Yes, from time to time they still can be purchased on Ebay or from out-of-print book sellers, if owning is more attractive than borrowing.

    These text books inform the reader about regional differences such as between say a southern pine operator and a western pine outfit. Also, they explain the defferences between a hardwood and softwood operation.

    Good reading for anyone planning a logging pike which is "Free-lanced."

    Some examples of these logging/lumbering text books are:

    Bryant, Ralph Clement. "Logging: The Principles and General Methods of Operation in the United States." John Wiley & Sons - 1913.

    Brown, Nelson Courtlandt. "Logging - Principles and Practices." John Wiley & Sons - 1934.

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    Great tip, LL!

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