Immediate Inspection For CSX Trains

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    Immediate Inspection For CSX Trains

    (CBS/AP) RENSSELAER, N.Y. The head of the Federal Railroad Administration said Monday that recent derailments of CSX trains in New York have raised "real and serious questions" about the company's safety programs and ordered an immediate inspection of 1,300 miles of railroad tracks.

    The FRA on Monday started a two-day inspection of the tracks by a special computer equipped rail car one week after an 80-car freight train partly derailed in Oneida.

    At least five tanker cars two carrying liquid propane, two loaded with liquid petroleum and one containing the solvent toluene caught fire or exploded in the wreck, forcing the evacuation of thousands of residents.

    The statewide inspection had been scheduled to take place next month, but was moved up at Boardman's order. The car will measure whether track rails are level and if the width between them is safe. Another inspection next month will check for track weaknesses such as faulty cross-ties or poor connections between the cross-ties and tracks.

    The FRA will assess the CSX rail inspection program, first in New York, and then in the rest of its 22,000-mile rail network covering 23 states, the District of Columbia, and two Canadian provinces. The company holds primary responsibility for making sure its tracks are safe.

    A spokesman for Jacksonville, Fla.-based CSX did not immediately return a call for comment.

    Boardman wants to know what criteria the railroad uses to determine how frequently it inspects its own tracks, if track improvement decisions are made differently for lines carrying hazardous material and how the company uses technology to find and fix flaws.

    In January, a broken rail in East Rochester caused another CSX train to derail, sending freight cars toppling from an overpass and onto front yards.

    The FRA in January said it would investigate the safety of railroad overpasses in Erie and Chautauqua Counties following two derailments in as many days in December.

    The accidents "have caused lots of disruption and severely taxed the resources of local emergency responders," said Boardman, a former New York state Department of Transportation commissioner.
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    The FRA is inspecting CSX tracks, not their trains. If they were inspecting trains they would find a lot of equipment CSX doesn't even own...
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    and half of that equipment is about 30 yers old.and sounds like a lousy job someone will be ****** off doin.but that must suck for CSX,since all these derailments make the RR's look bad.CSX is my local area RR and they seem OK at the moment .--josh
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    Why do lots of people hate CSX, just interested to know??

    It's funny how people react to a train, plane or ship inccident (These don't luckly happen often). Where only a few people maybe die or many are hurt, yet everyday people are killed on our roads from idiot drivers.

    Not that what happened above is not serious.
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    Okay, never mind, saw the site.
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    I would not judge CSX by that site..I figure it was started by a ex employee.
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    Is all this track where the derailments are happening former Conrail lines? Just wondering ,if it is, maybe CSX inherited the problems? Here where I live CSX is the only rail line we have now , used to have in the good old days, B&O, C&EI, PRR and NYC. Anyhoo, CSX has been very busy replacing rail, ties and upgrading grade crossings. It's been a couple of years since any derailments here..the last time it did happen ,I believe they found that it wasn't the track but a faulty wheel or axle..
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    wow,i was on a CSX engine since my brother in law is an employee,and it seemed pretty nice.AC,heaters,microwave.i cant beleive its that bad in other places unless he was showing one of few good engines.but derailments are rare here.but i guess in other places its much worse.--josh
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    It's been 8 years since the CR split between NS and CSX. If it were problems "inherited" from CR, they would have occurred far earlier. This is a result of CSX's maintenance defferal policy. Remember that at the time of the split CSX stated that Conral had been "overmaintained".
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    I live about 300 feet from the CSX main line linking Knoxville to Chattanooga, TN. They have spent alot of time and money upgrading their tracks. No derailments here. knock on wood!


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