im new to drifting

Discussion in 'RC General & Getting Started' started by flex, Jan 24, 2007.

  1. flex

    flex New Member

    ive been racinf rc's for like 3 years and i just got a 4-tec for 20 bux and figured id give it a try, or is a 4-tec an impossible drifter? and i also was woundering how you guys hav your diffs set is the front like a hole lot tighter in the front and lose in the back or how should it be?
  2. SpartanDRFT

    SpartanDRFT Member

    the 4 tecd is a great drifter just takes a little fudging with to figure it out ank Driftking he races with me im pretty sure he can help you get the setup right

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