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    my name is walter and i am a 42 years old card modeller from austria (klagenfurt). i've started with card modelling many many years ago (must be 100000 years). some 2 or 3 years ago i began to design own models using rhino 3d. the first model was the saab lansen. last october i finished the fantastic fairey rotodyne and this march the saab draken with 4 different markings of the austrian air force will be released.

    if somebody is interested in the construction reports - they can be read here (sorry, but all reports are written in german)


    all models are designed in the classic 1:33 scale.

    my next projects are the famous TSR.2 (which is already finished) and the short skyvan - also with austrian air force markings.

    all models have been released through IPMS Austria and are available at their scale shop.


    ps: please excuse my bad english

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    Thats some great stuff! Thanks for sharing :)
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    good designs there, the fairey rotodyne looks really good,
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    Beautiful work. Welcome to you.

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