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  1. Hello everyone, after much dismay and trying to convince myself that a flat layout is cool, i have finally decided that im not happy with my track plan and use of my benchwork. All of my benchwork is open grid design on 16" centers with 1/4" plywood for the sub road bed. On top of the plywood i have topped it with 1" extruded foam. Im trying to model western territory such as the BN and MRL, and i just cant get past the fact that all of my track work is on flat land. Im honestly thinking about takeing up everything i have done up to this point and maybe trying the cookie cutter method. I guess this is what i get for not haveing a track plan drawn up first. This will make about the 10th time i have started over. All of my track is now operational, but im just not happy. If you have seen my other post (i finally made some progress ) you will know what i mean when i say im not satisfied. If anyone has any words of wisdom or suggestions, im all ears. I have some of the woodland scenics inclines, but with my current track plan, they just dont seem to work out right. I had this vision of a winding climp up grade and then crossing back over the trac below with maybe a river scene and bridge, but i just cant come up with a feasable track plan. I cant see any sense in continueing with my current plan if im already not happy with it. I am asking for any and all comments and suggestions before i go and tear up something i may be sorry for later. Thanks to all!:cry:
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    Don't tear it out ! add to it . get some more s-foam and pile it up, hack out the shapes you want, cover it with a layer of cheeze cloth 'n' plaster{I find stuff doesn't stick to sfoam too well}paint it and add scenery too taste [sure SOUNDS easy don't it?!}
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    I'm looking at my track that I laid with elevation and I'm frustrated because the trains don't run flawlessly and I don't like seeing a train go in a loop. I'm thinking about tearing out what I've got and going with a flat mainline and very little elevation change on the spurs, etc. I was assuming that changing the lay of the land around the track (cuts and fills) would give me the veriation I'm looking for and it would mirror the prototype better anyway. If I have any trains going over another train I think it will be a separate loop.
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    Even in the mountains, the railroad ROW is fairly flat... It's the topography around the railroad that varies and gives you the flavour of "mountain railroadin'" ;) Try adding some landscape to what you have by (temporarily) building up with cardboard strips, chuncks of styrofoam, or crumpled-up newpapers.

    You can also cut away parts of the benchwork to allow scenery to drop below the track. This can help give the impression that the track is indeed way up in the mountains by allowing you to have that spectacular river crossing, or whatever.

    You're not the only one this happens to - I had a 4x8 for a few years that had operational track on it, but I was never satisfied. I eventually sold it and started down the "modular" road. While I no longer have a "roundy-round" to keep me amused, I am much happier with the plan I have now. Only took me about 4 years to realize it! :rolleyes:

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    Steve -

    Remember, flat is good when it comes to railroad operation, especially for model railroads. I agree with the above posts that you should keep the existing (and working) track, and concentrate on topography surrounding the flat roadbed. You could do some wicked road cuts and such that will add drama and interest without impairing operation.

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