I'm DMerino looking for a F-86D Sabre Dog

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by DMerino, Sep 10, 2012.

  1. DMerino

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    Does anyone know of a publisher that has a F-86 D Sabre Dog card model in any scale?

  2. silveroxide

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    First off, let us start with an introduction. Welcome aboard and yes, there are a few models of the F-86. Check the links and browse around. I believe that there is one over at fiddlers green and space station 42. Pay models can be found at GPM, Maly Modelarz. Good luck and when you find one that interests you, Show us some of your works so we can also enjoy in your making of it. I see that you are into RC, so if you are looking for some plans to make a flying model, Show us what you got. I would like to see one of the paper models flying (Or at least a balsa wood model made from paper model templates.) :wave:
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    Dennis, I really appreciate if people post an Introduction as their first post. You can ask you questions in your Introduction. I am moving this post into Introductions, and the thread can continue there. :)
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    If you go to Paragon card models, he has a FREE one that is really nice. Paper-Replika has a nice FREE model, but his site seems to be down at the moment.


    :welcome1: to the forum.
  5. DMerino

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    Thank you, all.

    Thank you gentlemen for the responses. My being of one-mind and a little off, I apologize for not introducing myself. Although, I am a little reticent since once I do this you will not be able to sleep tonight.

    I'm 69 yrs. old and have had a wonderful ride in my life, from being a successful toy and pet product inventor to a volunteer fireman, a deacon in the Catholic Diocese of Sacramento for 20 yrs. and a full-time prison chaplain at New Folsom Prison (Max. Security). I've been designing and building R.C. airplanes for some time. Peter Schulman, AKA, mountain flyr, introduced me to card modeling r.c. airplanes. I will try and attach some pics. of some of the planes I have made from either card models, re-designed card models or completely designed from the ground up. It is such a great way to make R.C. airplanes, but I can't get anybody excited about trying to build one in this way.

    Anyway, my next project will possibly be the F-86D model, Sabre Dog. This is different from the regular f-86 in that it has a radar dome on the front of the plane. As far as I can tell, and I've been checking for some time, there is not a paper model and I will probably build one from scratch.

    Anyway, thank you for the wonderful welcome.


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    Well, I sure like that Introduction! This is one of the main reasons I like people to do Introductions. Many many moons ago, I worked for the F.C>I in Philadelphia, helping prisoners get jobs, a "halfway house".

    If you have any reference material,on this plane. I could more than likely design a radar dome for you. I will do some research myself. What I would need from you is exactly the shape of the pint at which what I design, grafts on to what you have. I have designed parts for people before, and have a good track record for this kind of stuff. I think it would be fun. :)
  7. micahrogers

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    Welcome aboard and Nice models too :)

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