i'm creating the speed racer mach 6 racing car.

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  1. i just wanna tell you that i change the diffents on page 5 that was not made right. here the correction page.

    ImageShack - Hosting :: mach6sr5nl2.png

    sorry for the mistake i made so i change it.
  2. i'm having a lot of troubles with parts again too big too small not comming out as i exspected. to be but i'm working out the way it should be so i still need a little more time sorry for the delay but i'm trying to resizes the parts to look more even the same so hopfully i can release this model to every one to share and build.
    so i'm working it out too much but i wasted a lot of color ink but i need to refill it again
    to star over i'm very sorry about all this. but now i need to take more time to recover
    all of my wasted time. i will post more images when i do this right. now off to fix what i did.
  3. Grig

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    14 pages in total now, right? Thanks.

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