Im comparing carnival's newer ship to RC's older ship?? I hear Royal is...

Discussion in 'RC Aircraft & Watercraft' started by jame3885, Feb 6, 2008.

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    ...better but this ship has lower reviews I've been on two carnival cruises and had a great time but always hear that royal is better so i wanted to try it. The carnival one is grand cayman, key west, and ochos rios and is a 7 day cruise. The royal is a little cheaper(im on a budget) and is key west, cozumel, and belize and is 6 days. The royal's ship is older (Enchantment of the Seas) and the carnivals is newer (The liberty). The date for the royal is better for me but seems to have worse reviews despite me always hearing royal is better...any help would be great!
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    The reviews I've read on make it sound like Royal is better in entertainment/activities but worse in food/service. I've been on Carnival and other cruiselines, but not RC and am not inclined to try them based on the comments I've seen on CC. If you can get a "bargain", it might be worth a try; RC usually is more expensive than Carnival. Personally, I'd rather do Key West, Coz and Belize than Ocho, but I'm not crazy about Jamaica.

    Check out CC [click on "Boards" and/or "Reviews" at the top of the page - be sure and check the past-passenger reviews].

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