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  1. NewGuy

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    Well, I hope that I can find some interesting people in here and hope to gleen some knowledge to use for my layout. I am brand new to the hobby, started by the fact that I work for a railroad. In fact, I am so new, that I do not even have anything running as of yet. I have aquired a few pieces of rolling stock and some track, enough to make a complete return run, slightly more than that standard circle track, and a locomotive. I am staying with currnet era stuff for now, with the possibilty of early railroad era in the future. The types of questions I would like the answers to are the basic 'getting it all started' stuff, like code 83, 100, etc. (I know these have to with rail height.) Looking at some the photo in here, I am a little concerned because I have NO artistic talent, and some of this stuff just looks to great that people have built from scratch. I have no idea how to weather cars, engines and things. Nor do I have a good idea for getting the ground around the rail to really look like ground. I can barely sign my name so that is legible, much less attempt any airbrushing. But, with trial and error, and some stuff thrown in the garbage can after ruining it, maybe someday I will have a photo quality layout. I hope that I can ask things in here and get results. I have tried a few other places and seems like when I have question, it takes about a week for anyone to relpy. Not good for someone who wants to get some window shopping done to plan for a future purchase...

    Thanks for letting me in...

  2. Matthyro

    Matthyro Will always be re-membered

  3. spitfire

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    Welcome aboard JD! :wave:

    Three years ago I was brand new to the hobby with a head full of questions -- and not much else! :rolleyes: But thanks to all the help and encouragement that I got here at the Gauge, I finally have a layout in progress.

    Stick around - you'll get there. And we'll be here to watch your progress, encourage you and answer questions whenever we can.

  4. Ralph

    Ralph Remember...it's for fun!

    Glad you could join us! The hobby is just like everything else. The more time you spend on it and experience you gain, the better it gets! Jump in and have fun!
  5. rcline

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    Welcome to the house of "Click-a-te Clack" JD. Like Val said, it only takes a little time and trial, you will do fine. Don't be afraid to ask and if you can, show photos of what you are trying to do because you can't be helped as well if we can't see what you are trying to do. As for getting answers in here, there is not much waiting around and there are a lot of pros that can and will teach you just about anything that you want to learn. So have fun and don't give up!!
  6. Russ Bellinis

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    In terms of learning to weather rolling stock, you can find used freight cars at GAT shows, swap meets, etc. Look for stuff really cheap, usually at GAT shows I find dealers with "junk boxes" of incomplete and broken cars that can be had very cheap. The bodies are perfect for painting practice, and you don't mess up a model that you want to keep.
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    JD, welcome to the-gauge :wave: We started our renewal of this hobby several months ago and I must say that the folks on this website have been tremendously supportive. Talking with many of the people on the-gauge reminds me of sitting with that one professor who you really admired, who was really into his/her field of study, knew all sorts of things, and at then end of your discussion with them, had you so fired up to go learn more and try more. There are people on this board that are at all stages of excellence-- from those of us just starting out to people with 30+ years of experience. I'm learning from all of them. :) :D

    So, by the way, what do you do for the railroad (in real life)? :confused:
    -- Cabdriver
  8. NewGuy

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    Answer for Cabdriver....

    I am a conductor for the BNSF.

  9. rcline

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    A Conductor!!!! Great - When do we "ALL" get our free rides? Val and I get to go first!
    What do you think Val?
  10. NewGuy

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    Believe me when I tell you that freight service is not as glamorous as it sounds, unless you enjoy spending plenty of time sitting in sidings and watching other trains with higher priority whiz by. Although, not too many people get to say they touch boxcars for a living. All in all, I do enjoy it, but like any job it has its down points. Randy, if I could, I would give anybody a ride that would like to go along. Guess I will just have to model a little of my territory and get some photos of it when it starts to come together.
    I do know that I 'intend' to model the new Hauser Fueling Facility(providing there is enough space), and part of that yard. This is up here in the Inland Northwest, for those of you not famaliar. Some may know what I am talking about, as I am sure it has been on national news from time to time. I got stories if anyone would like. I would put them in the general section....

  11. spitfire

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    I think that's an excellent idea!!!!!

    JD, it's great to have a real railroader on the forum!! We'll be looking to you for answers to operations questions once word gets out you're the Real Thing!!!

  12. NewGuy

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    Val, you got it!!!

    Anything I can to do let ANY of you guys know about the real train world, I will pass along. Please feel free to ask. I can probably research anything you want to know. At least when it comes to the BNSF up here in my territory. I may not know much about modeling, but then that is why I am here now!!!:thumb:

    Thanks for everything so far.....

  13. shaygetz

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    Welcome to The Gauge :thumb:

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  14. rcline

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    JD -- Your not going to believe this, but on the 4th of June, the BNSF is having a special train hazmat training course that I have to go to. Being a fire fighter/first responder, I am all the time going to school of one sort or another. The BNSF is sponsoring this course down here in North Central Texas, a little town called Henrietta.
    Out in the middle of nowhere!!!!
  15. Doc Holliday

    Doc Holliday Member

    Hey Bob,
    Can you tell me where you got the photographer LPB? I've been lookin' all over for one.


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