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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Bob Collins, Dec 27, 2003.

  1. Bob Collins

    Bob Collins Active Member

    After a mirad of computer troubles and traveling the world (ha ha), I'm back on board with the Gauge.

    I hope all of you have enjoyed a very Merry Christmas and are looking forward to a happy and prosperous New Year:thumb: :thumb:

  2. Drew1125

    Drew1125 Active Member

    Welcome back Bob!
    A slightly belated Merry Christmas to you also, & wishing you the very best of New Tears!:wave: :)
  3. Dave Flinn

    Dave Flinn Member

    Welcome Back, Bob

    And belated holiday greetings from here, too. I don't know if it's significant, or not, but I've been so busy I guess I didn't even realize you were gone.
  4. Bob Collins

    Bob Collins Active Member


    I expected as least one response saying they didn't know I was gone or miss me either:)

    I really did have a bunch of computer problems and finally shut down and basically emptied it out and began again. Part of the problem was a very persistent trojan that it took even the experts a spell to diagnose and dispose of.

    Hopefully with some new anti-most everything protection I will have better success.

    I also see that you will be busy on another site that we both use. Congratulations on being selected to Chair ICUFR International Computer Users Fellowship of Rotary).


  5. shamus

    shamus Registered Member

    Welcome back Bob, now listen mate, its time to start getting on with your railroad and posting some photos for us.:D
    Happy New Year to you and your family.
  6. interurban

    interurban Active Member

    :wave: Welcome back Bob. :thumb:
    All the best for the New Year!!
  7. Bob Collins

    Bob Collins Active Member

    Thanks to all for the greetings :) :)

    Shamus, you are, of course, correct. My railroad has just sat for too long. I have actually had some good (I think:confused:) ideas about some further yard expansion and I will complete that before I do anything else. Winter is supposed to be here so I have to work inside, but it is 60F here today and I have been outside doing some things I want to complete before the snow flys. Surely it will fly:rolleyes: :rolleyes: and I will have a railroading season:D :D

    Other than decideing on some yard and siding work, I have pretty well narrowed down the era I want to model. Means I'll need to pass along some of the rolling stock I've aquired, but not very much. My fat hands don't work very well trying to install decoders, but with a little more patience than I generally have, I'm managing to get them jammed in where they go and get the screws tighten down again:thumb: :thumb:

    Best to you Shamus and to all my railroading mates here on the Gauge.

    Say Woodie, have you opened a B&B there yet so I can come back to OZ and visit again:D :D

  8. Woodie

    Woodie Active Member

    G'day Bob... Christmas makes everyone go a bit odd..... like checking out The Gauge after after 6 months or so!! :D

    The Woodie Cosy Country Comfort Rural Retreat Estate Manor House has finaly been moved into. Guests are welcome anytime. :thumb: Nightly room rate? 6 beers, a packet of nuts, and the ability to use a hammer and saw. :cool: Garahbara MKII will begin construction very soon. :D
  9. jon-monon

    jon-monon Active Member

    Welcome back, Bob. Hope you and yours had a great Christmas! :wave: :wave: :wave:
  10. Tyson Rayles

    Tyson Rayles Active Member

    Welcome back Bob! :wave:
  11. interurban

    interurban Active Member

    It`s nice to read a woodie post to,,,, g`day matey:wave:

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