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Discussion in 'The Caboose' started by Malcolm G. Stewart, May 3, 2007.

  1. Malcolm G. Stewart

    Malcolm G. Stewart New Member

    My last consulting assignment was in the Los Angeles area. One of the fellows on my crew was a buff and introduced me to the wonderful world of G-Scale. I was a kid in Maine now retired in South Carolina so the road is the Penobscot (a river near my home town in Maine) and Pee Dee (a river that crosses South Carolina) Railroad.

    I've been reading all winter and am somewhat overwhelmed by all I have to hook up to use DCC and a radio controlled cab! I'll get there--but will sure have bunches of questions.

  2. Cannonball

    Cannonball More Trains Than Brains

    Welcome to the Gauge! :wave:
    There is lots of information to be had here and many knowlegeable people in the model railroading world. (Although I'm not really one of them. :D ) If you've got questions, just ask! It might take a awhile from time to time but eventually somebody comes up with an answer. ;)
  3. rogerw

    rogerw Active Member

    welcome malcolm. a garden railroad would be so much fun but with four dogs in the yard Im thinking lots of work.:-D:-D:-D:-D
  4. myltlpny

    myltlpny Member

    Sounds like my cats when I run my N-gauge stuff on the kitchen table. They sit and watch. Intently. Then when you least expect it, this little paw will rise up from under the table and take a swat at the "mechanical mouse". :mrgreen:

    Welcome, Malcolm. Don't be daunted by DCC. You'll love it!
  5. Malcolm G. Stewart

    Malcolm G. Stewart New Member

    Here I go again.

    The books and pamphlets that I have present what I call "semi-schematic" diagrams of layouts; i.e., they frequently show buses as a single line, etc. I saw one last night illustrating a simple loop. Ih had the polarity reversing module with two leads going to the main rails and two more going to the rails of the loop. There is no indication of a power feed going to the polarity reversing module.

    Is this kosher? I've seen other diagrams where the power reversing modfule had only two leads going to the rails of the loop. [This one had no indication of power feed to the polarity reversing module, either.


    Malcolm Stewart
  6. JR&Son

    JR&Son Member

    Not sure what Florence has to offer
    But the most knowledgable person I have ever met on DCC
    is Kim @ Trainbuddy.com
    I watched him take a Walthers E8 and match it to an Athern E8
    With 2 different brands of decoders!
    By working the weakness of one, to counter act the weakness of the other he matched them perfectly on a running lay out of at least 100 feet over 2 levels and I can not count the curves. Took about an hour because he was playing one off the other. After 50 to 60 transits of the layout, the 2 engines stayed less than 1 inch apart.
    He also offers very good prices on everything. As the crow flies he is about 2 hours north of you just above Raleigh NC. He is partial to Digitrak, but will sell you what you want, will install it for a resonable fee, and will offer free advise always
    Train Buddy, Discount model railroading.  DCC install, service, repair, computers, electronics, custom builder

  7. Ralph

    Ralph Remember...it's for fun!

    Welcome Malcom! Glad you could join us!
  8. 60103

    60103 Pooh Bah

    Hi Malcolm.
    All the reversing modules I've seen have 2 wires in and 2 wires out. The in wires can be attached either to the bus or the set of rails leading to the loop. They work by flipping when there's a short circuit -- interesting effect if there's a derailment in the reversing section. And you don't have to worry about which rail you wire to.
  9. Chief Eagles

    Chief Eagles Active Member

    Welcome. Visit the "Coffee Pot" and chat.
  10. Malcolm G. Stewart

    Malcolm G. Stewart New Member

    Thank you, David, for your clear response.

    Does the reversing module require power other than that provided by the "in" circuit?



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