im a newbie with the N scale!

Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by LiLBanshe99, Mar 31, 2001.

  1. LiLBanshe99

    LiLBanshe99 New Member

    im getting ready to start an N scale model train set on a 4ft x 7ft piece of 3/4 inch plywood. any tips for a beginner like myself? this is my first model train i am going to build so anything would help. thanks!
  2. Drew1125

    Drew1125 Active Member

    Welcome LiLBanshe99!
    Check out the book at the top of this page.
    Virginian says it's a winner, (see his posting on this forum)
    It's always a good idea to do some reading first.
    And any questions you have,post them here. We'll all do our best to help!
    Good luck to you, & have fun!
  3. Virginian

    Virginian Member

    Welcome again, LilBanshee99!
    Your board size is close to the size of the layout depicted in "N scale model railroading", which is indeed good for us'new bees', I think.(FYI:The price listed above is very good, depending on shipping...retail is $18.95!!)The layout plan (clear photo ilustration and directions) uses a solid core interior door, which is about 3 1/2 feet by 7, widen it a bit, and you've got your track plan. To get a good start, from what I've seen ( quite a bit, in a short time), this is a perfect book for a beginner.
    One other thing..start with a small part, like the oval..get a train running.. then work on the spurs and sidings, hills , valleys, the little's pretty easy to lift the track sections to add sections..just be sure to use either foam insulation, like the book says, or get some 'sound insulation board'..available at Home Depot, usually. It's a fiber board...makes setting and pulling track nails so much easier, I garontee!!( I shoulda' listened to shamus [​IMG] )
    The foam insulation used for the book layout is made by Dow and is called 'Styryofoam brand, square edge, extruded foam insulation' this one our local Home Depot does not carry.I finally found it at "Yardbirds"..a locally based chain (Northen Ca.) You could call around and ask for it by name..Check with the Train /hobby shops in your area..also..check out the local Model Railroad clubs..that's how I found the foam..A WORD of CAUTION..the yellow 'ridgid foam insulation is NOT usable as a is very crumbly and the dust will wreck your lungs, eyes, and get anyone else who uses the basement very upset with you...I cut up and threw away the sheet I bought!!!
    Hope this helps [​IMG] Come on back if you have any specific questions..I'm sure you'll get plenty of good ideas, advice and comments..I sure have! Oh..have you checked out the 'Academy' here on 'the-gauge'? lots of good the HO slanted material as well..lots of basics are usefull no matter what scale you're modeling..I'm learning more every day!!!
    Bye now
    VGN [​IMG] (Yay! Sun's out! [​IMG] )

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  4. LiLBanshe99

    LiLBanshe99 New Member

    wow, thanks for all that advise! i have a few good ideas and im still thinking about stuff now. my only problem is gathering up enough money.
    i finally got that table down stairs and i get my track down, an enguine, and a power pack. its all set up and running great. nexy im going to put an even bigger loop around my layout and a mountain. i cant wait!!!
  5. Virginian

    Virginian Member

    Hi LB99 (hope ya don't mind tthe abreviation [​IMG] )
    sounds like yer rollin' !! Hey, I think we all have the $$$ prob.; I've got a great Loco on layaway... Sure glad the store owner likes me...I'm past the "30 days' already and it's only half paid for!!
    I would love to hear how your 'Road' progresses. Keep us posted, O K ? Oh, by the way, what type of engine do you have?

    I just had another idea...are there any good flea markets/swap meets in your area...I remember seeing some train stuff at ours, last summer before I got bit by the 'trainbug'. You might be able to pick up some used rolling stock cheaper than the stores. I don't think I'd trust Engines 2nd hand unless I knew the seller.
    Bye now
    VGN [​IMG] [​IMG] (sunny, but windy and the rains a-comin!)
  6. Wayne Underwood

    Wayne Underwood New Member

    As for saving a little $$.$$, check that local hobby shop for train specific swap meets. My local shop will not post the 'professional' meets but will support those provided by the RR historical society and those dealers are usually just other modelers trying to get rid of 'stuff' they bought on impulse so they can get the 'stuff' they really want. Porfessional swap meets, like GATS (Great American Train Show), are listed in the ads and schedules of the model RR press. Prices here are usually less than MSRP but not that much.

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