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  1. NYC Irish

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    Hello everyone I was hoping you might be able to point me to some diagrams or drawings that would sho the plating lines and weld joints ect for the hull of the IJN Yamato.

    I have the Anatomy of the Ship Series Yamato but it is severely lacking to in that area

    Any Help is appreciated

    John John
  2. JohnMGD

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    There are some interesting books/magazine that show hull plating on YAMATO.
    These are Futubasha's 3D series no. 28 and Gakken series no. 11 and 50.
    The books are available at HLJ (Hobby Link Japan) www.hlj.com, Futubasha's books are only available at HLJ. Web site for Futubasha is http://w2322.nsk.ne.jp/qm.masaki/.

    Inserted is a picture from Futubasha 3D magazine no. 28.

    Hope you can use the information.

    John Dohmen.

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  3. NYC Irish

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  4. JohnMGD

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    http://www.hlj.com/product/FTB47791 is the website from the book wich the drawing is coming from. Both books are worth their money, and backordered say nothing they have it ordered in a short time, backordered will say they don't have it in stock right now, but it is still available.
    HLJ has a lot of books/magazines about Yamato, I think I have about 10 books about Yamato, ordered by HLJ.
    Hope you have succes with your YAMATO project!!!

  5. Steve Nuttall

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    But the picture you show is wrong; the main guns have 4 mounting rings for the practic guns; she really had 3
    Yamato is subject to much conjecture even in Japan; and many have simply added details as "they" think she looked; and then people don't question the accuracy of whats printed; look carefully over all your books; there willbe glaring mistakes
    Thats why mine has been on hold for 3 years
    I'm not building museum quality with wrong info
  6. Gregory Shoda

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    IJN Yamato hull plating references

    I am not an expert, but I thought most of the info on the Yamato class ships were destroyed. Wouldn't that mean that hull plating drawings would not be available and the conjecture would be all that illustrators could go on?

    Being in the early stage of old age, I tend to be forgetful and I forgot I have a copy of Gakken #50. (Yamato is not my favorite battleship although that is my main area of interst.) There is a 4-page pull out drawing of the full hull. It appears that the illustrator drew in rivets to indicate where the full plates were joined. I would guess that the drawing is conjectural.

    Regarding the rings on the main guns. Skulski's book drawings do show three rings as does a photograph in the book. Also, Gakken #50's computer drawings do show 3 rings, but a closeup photo of B turret shows the two outside guns have two additional thin rings that from a distance might look as a fourth ring.
  7. NYC Irish

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    Thanks to all for your input
    Yeah Im getting to learn the history of the Yamato and how much is the various authors own personal opinion about the ship. (Did it have circular or more square AA enclosures? etc..

    I'm just looking for anything that will save my hull from having a super super smooth hull that comes from a GRP mould. I'm comfortable with the idea of what woudl look decent as opposed to 100% correct...

    Im still looking for the Gakken or anything else you might know of

    John John
  8. Gregory Shoda

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    Gakken # 50

    Subject volume depicts Yamato before side 6 inch turrets were removed and before aa defenses were augmented. Sorry.
  9. Nando

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    3DCG IJN BB Yamato 2 from Futabasha Book

    Hi John,
    I found in the Kartonist.de forum a thread You started about "Gun Turret HIJMS Yamato". :-o :-o I already was impressed by your model of the inside of the FUSO cruiser, but what you have begun it is spectacular. I think that among Your documentation there is a book whom I looking for from long time: 3DCG IJN BB Yamato 2 from Futabasha Book, but It is out of stock at the Japan Hobby link, and I don't know where can I Find It.
    Could You help me?
    Thanks in advance, and I hope that You'll share the building report of the Yamato turret in our Cardmodels.net forum.

  10. Bernhard

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    Look at these photos of a Yamato model at the maritime museum in Kure.
    Not even the Japanese who set out to build this monster of a model seemed to have known enough details for the plating.

  11. paulhbell

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    Thats a big model. When I saw the thumbnail pictures I thought the people wern't real.

    Anyone fancy having a go at building it in card at this scale.
  12. eibwarrior

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    That's o.k.... I'll pass. 8) My kids need the backyard to play in. :-D

    I'll stick with my 1/250 Digital Navy version.

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