IJN Midget Submarine

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    IJN Midget Sub


    Thanks! Very nicely executed model. I like the way the torpedoes are shaped and fitted.

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    THERE ARE never enough submarine paper models thanks for the find

    mr udon thanks for the model it is of fine quality

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    Just thought I'd add a sidebar to this thread which someone might find interesting.

    The type of midget submarine modelled in this thread was used in the attack on Sydney harbour in 1942. Two of the 3 subs were attacked within the harbour and sunk - both were later raised and are in the Australian War Museum in Canberra. The other sub - the M-24 - fired at least one torpedo at USS Chicago - the torpedo went underneath the Chicago and sank an auxillary ship used as accommodation - 21 were killed. The M-24 then vanished the crew (of 2) were presumed lost.

    The wreck of the M-24 was found on the sea bed off Sydney's northern beaches a few months ago. There was segment on ABC TV this week including an interview with the brother of the commander of the M-24. This man came from a family of 5 brothers - he was the only one to survive WW2.


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    Theres a Documentary about the secret attack on Pearl Harbour in which 5 of these subs were involved. They believe that the 5th sub is found in a picture from a japanese plane during the attack. 2 Torp wakes can be seen radiating from what appears to be an object inside the harbour. The rear of the object has 2 fantails of sea water kicked up into the air. The result of water rushing into the bow of the midget sub after the 2 torpedos are fired, forcing the tail out of the water momentarily.

    The first sub was killed in a direct hit on the mini conning tower starting the opening of the attack. The second sub got lost and was beached and captured intact. The third was run over by a destroyer and KIA's and the forth was found scuttled.

    It was a good documentary.
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    StevO that sounds like a good documentary - know what channel it aired on?
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    Discovery Channel I believe.
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    Saw that on too, might've been history channel.
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