If you had your choice to buy :1).Gold Bullion 2.)Gold or old coins 3.)platinum

Discussion in 'Zealot Archives' started by Brettski, Apr 14, 2007.

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  1. Brettski

    Brettski New Member

    which would you pick? and why?
  2. dukalink6000

    dukalink6000 New Member

    The second, as at least i can always have the face value off of them
  3. Peter T Davis

    Peter T Davis Guy Behind the Curtains

    I think it would depend more on your objective than on stranger's opinions.
  4. swampylagoon

    swampylagoon New Member

    gold or old coins, old coins can only increase in value
  5. digoseño

    digoseño New Member

    Number 2. It has long story to tell.
  6. N3WJL

    N3WJL New Member

    None of the above Gold is a bad investment with a historically low rate of return just barely above inflation.IF I HAD to pick I'd say gold coins. The fact that they are in coin form means they have some value other than just the gold. If they are a gold limited edition proofs made by a GOVERNMENT they will have a collectors value which will cause the value to rise faster than just the value of gold.
  7. tomcat72667

    tomcat72667 New Member

    2 in Cass all the computers crash in the distance nuclear war whatever
  8. lani s

    lani s New Member

    The choice of what to buy is always yours, but the main concern is how much can you afford to buy. OK, just picking a choice I will go for the first choice but pretty sure it won't be more than a choice,can't afford right now.
  9. bunstihl

    bunstihl New Member

    I would pick the coins, because they would be the most interesting and have the most history. I could research the culture they came from and display them. They might not be as valuable as the other options, but they have the most character.
  10. tjinjapan

    tjinjapan New Member

    Platinum it is the best investment.
  11. Canadian Ken

    Canadian Ken New Member

    Gold & Old Coins. They not only hav ethe value of the gold...but as collecter items they will usually increase in value.To get a good return on either bullion or platinum, you would need to purchase large quantities, but a few rare & valuble coins can bring in a nice little return.Good luck.
  12. hangnail

    hangnail New Member

    Gold bullion since it is oldest
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