if there was a meeting of cardmodelers in Lake havasu city would you be able to go?

Discussion in 'North America' started by paper warrior, Nov 10, 2006.

  1. paper warrior

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  2. doc_harvey

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    Where the heck is that?
  3. Stev0

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  4. Sumato

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    Lake Havasu is the national hotspot like a hundred or so days a year. 125 deg F. and higher temps are pretty common. Delightfully dry weather, that would be perfect for card models.
  5. silverw

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    Might be on a vacation in Phoenix, sometime next year .... It would be GREAT if both were at the same time!

    ... Bil
  6. Maurice

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    British folklore is rich in legends of reputed sales of bridges and other architectural and historic items to American tourists.
    lhc were the bunch of dudes we really did manage to flog one to ....


    http://www.lakehavasu.com/cgi-bin/evoque?visit_conversations.id 985793188

    That was then, now I'm lining up the Sydney Harbour Bridge.:grin:

    PPS For our Oz readers Brit use of "flog" includes "sell" as well as "nick"
  7. lizzienewell

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    It's too expensive for me to fly to the lower 48 for a meeting. . . . Now if it were in Iceland and in the summer so that I have the time off it would be mighty tempting. I've always wanted to go to Iceland and so would be willing to pay for the airfare and endure crampt seating for hours on end.


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