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  1. reddwarf

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    I have two large Enterprises to do, one is nearly finished but am having trouble with the lights, their wasn't enough instructions on how to put together. The Enterprise re-fit, I made the mistake of gluing in the clear lights then decide to paint, any ideas how to get them out.
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  2. micahrogers

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    That depends on what type of glue you used, PVA or white glue, will loosen with water, CA glue can be debonded with available debonder, MEK or solvent glue ya just have to work slowly and cut them out.
  3. zathros

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    Try using a mechanical glue, something that holds by force, not by melting the surfaces together. ZIPDRY, which I mention often, is perfect for this. It would hold the lights in, and if necessary, without much effort, allow their removal.

  4. kaya67

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    I've considered it, but the logistics (creating the files, using a machine), and the low print quality I cannot say that I have followed up. And just so you understand, I have access to 3D laser scanners, CATIA, waterjets, a Kern laser, and we do have multiple additive printers at work.


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