Ideas on how to build a Sowell Steam Engine

Discussion in 'Scratchin' & Bashin'' started by Ho Modeler, Jun 1, 2004.

  1. Ho Modeler

    Ho Modeler Member

    Ok I posted in the Logging Line Forum but I guess starting another thread would be easiest and easier to find.

    So I am Now thinking about building a Sowell Steam Enigine (i will send a picture tommorow. There is one in the other thread)
    and this

    Both peices are all metal so they can take some altering and drilling and still hold up

    Any Ideas?

  2. TrainClown

    TrainClown Member

    What I would do

    I would figure out some way to attatch another set of wheels on the outside of the present ones, only these second set of wheels would be put on with the flange out. This would give the "U" shape that is so unique and allow the thing to run on timber rails like the prototype. I would have the engine pull a load of logs and hide batteries inside the log load that would power the engine. I would get one of those micro radio controle cars from Radio Shack and use that to controle the motion of the thing, start and stop. Gear it low, one speed forward and reverse(dosen't have to have a reverse) line the traction surface of the wheels with strips of sand paper to help give it traction on the timbers.

    If you know someone with a laith, then you could have then turn you some real cool wheels out of brass that would look even better.

    I think the real challange is to make the thing run on wooden rails just like the prototype did.

    You could make a static display in your camp with a rig like this.

    Note how the rails are joined together to transfer the weight.

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  3. TrainClown

    TrainClown Member

    Load it up with all sorts of stuff.............not just logs.

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  4. TrainClown

    TrainClown Member

    You could have a real opporation. These boys did.

    TrainClown :thumb:

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  5. Fred_M

    Fred_M Guest

    Great pixs Mr. Clown sir. :thumb: FRED
  6. TrainClown

    TrainClown Member

    Thanks Fred :)

  7. Ho Modeler

    Ho Modeler Member

    So I was thinking I could do something Like this...
    The Green is where I would place the motor
    Purple Will Be scratchbuilt
    The boiler will be a small switcher
    I will take out the wheels below the red line and blue

    Does that sound doable?

  8. jmarksbery

    jmarksbery Active Member

    Eric, all I see is the dreaded red X. :(
    It is ok now. :)
  9. Ho Modeler

    Ho Modeler Member


    Not The X!! :eek: :eek: :eek:
    I cant change the format or how I attached it so I really am as lost as you are.
    And to tell you the truth I have no clue on how to make it go away so if anybody has any idea on how to do that... :confused:
    That would be great.

  10. Ho Modeler

    Ho Modeler Member

    Sowell Engine

    On the up Side. :)
    I finally figured out how to make the Smilies work on my computer!! :cool:
    I also began work on modifying the enigne I want to use to create the Sowell
    And began working on the gears and removing the wheels.

    I just can't seem to come up with any way to create the wheels that ride on the track. Or come up with a chain small enough...Hmmmmm :confused:
    Anyone have any ideas??
    Eric :wave: :wave:
  11. AIGI

    AIGI Member

    Hmm...could use a thin rubber O-ring, not sure if you can find one that small, but if you can it should work. hmm..maybe a traction rubber from an old riverosi steamer. wrap it around a flat dish put on the axle, then up to a small pully on the frame.

    Course i think the whole idea of just making it static would do, then you can just get some chain from MDC/Roudhouse (the ones they use on their old time tank cars for the brake chains) and glue them in place.

    As for the wheels, in order for it to go through switches and such, might want to just single flange it, unless you have no desire for anything but single trackage, then just take a flat disk and glue it to the outside of the wheel.
  12. jmarksbery

    jmarksbery Active Member

    :wave: Ho, I can see the image now, just had to reboot my puter, it has been on for a few days. I wouldn't worry about the wheels, I am sure that someone in time changed these in real life to run on regular rail. It is the ideal that you are after and I think you are the man to do it. I still think it will make a great looking model. Keep us posted. :thumb: :thumb:
  13. Ho Modeler

    Ho Modeler Member

    Thanks for the encouragement!
    I am determined to find a chain that will work.

    If anyone has any ideas or places that sell such items, please post a reply!!
    Now that school is out for summer I will have some time to work on the model. yahooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!
    I am working on the wheels though maybe if the inside disk were shorter than the outside i would work hmmmmm...
    Well i will keep workin on it

  14. Ho Modeler

    Ho Modeler Member

    I still have NO idea what to use for the chains, everything is too big GRRRRR!!!!
    Anybody Got any ideas????

    Well I finally got underway creating the engine. I took the entire 0-6-0 that i plan to use took it apart, took out the weights, then fit in a new motor. I simply took out all of the wheels except for the two center ones and it runs fine. I mounted boxcar siding from a labelle kit on the sides of the cab and am currently fitting framing around very window and door. NOT FOR THE FAINT HEARTED! I am working on a frame to mount the wheels that I took off onto to create the wheel it actually rides on. The super glue is setting on the wheel where i placed disks on the inside of the wheels to create the riding on both sides of the rails i will then simply try and fit intil the wheel make it over all of the switches.

    Fun Day (Second Day of Summer Vacation!!!!!)

  15. TrainClown

    TrainClown Member

    You could check out a jewellers and see what the smallest chain he can sell you. You can probably get really fine chain by the foot. Some manufactuars make a very small chain indeed. You may have to get the jeweller to siver solder the chain into loops for you by soldering the end loops together. This would give you a frozen link in the chain, but if your cogs are big enough to accomodate this, then it would work. you could make the cogs have a "V" grove on them that the chain would run in. Some of those micro chains are square in shape and so they would ride fine in a "V"grove. If the resulting assembly is to dellicat to acctualy power the engine, then they should work fine as a dummy drive, and the motive power would come from more conventional means.

    TrainClown :)
  16. Ho Modeler

    Ho Modeler Member

    Well I finished up the cab today and test fit the new risers to raise the boiler and cab off the trucks. I am going to use n scale trucks as the axle for the chains to ride on and be turned by in the middle of the engine. I am placing in gears and am working on an underframe metal strap seen in the photo. I am going to continue working on the underside of the locomotive and at least have it able to be pushed by tonight.


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