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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by jimh, Sep 8, 2007.

  1. jimh

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    If you read my howdo in the Caboose then you know I am, or should say was, planning to build a N scale layout. Well those plans pretty much went out the window, or at least into a dusty part of the old brain, for the time being.

    Apparently my Mother, whom I told about my RR plans, mentioned to my model RR buff uncle that I was rebuilding my layout and he said he had some rolling stock, buildings, etc in HO gauge laying around taking up space he would be happy to donate to the cause if I went that route. Even though he is primarily O and S gauge he has managed to collect some HO stuff over the years, mainly from his train club buddies who bring it over to his place trying to convert him. sign1

    After 40 years of this I can only imagine what is coming my way. :rolleyes: Regardless I am sure it is more than enough to make it worthwhile to change my plans around a bit, and since I have not gotten beyond the point of ordering a small N set off of ebay for less than $20, now is a good time to do that.

    So HO....I'm baaacccckkkk!!!! :mrgreen::mrgreen:sign1sign1sign1

    Now where did I put that sledge hammer and dynamite. Got some demolition to do on the old layout. Got to finish what my oldest kid started a few years back. :twisted:
  2. Ralph

    Ralph's for fun!

    jimh, I can relate to the generosity of an uncle who models and is willing to give away free stuff! In fact I received three boxes of HO equipment from an uncle who was switching scales several years ago and I was very grateful. It will be interesting to see what you get. You might find that you'll want to upgrade locomotives depending on what you get if they have older style motors or don't poick up power on both trucks but who knows!?

    Sometimes our plans change in unexpected ways. Keep us informed!
  3. jimh

    jimh Member

    I will be sure to update on how things are going and who knows. I might even sneak in a photo or two along the way.
  4. jimh

    jimh Member

    Managed to get the table cleaned up this evening. Took a bit to actually rip out all of the old plaster work and then get the table clean enough to repaint, but that is behind me now so the fun part of building can start.

    Out of everything the only thing from the old layout that seemed salvageable was the lake. It needs some repair but it should be easy enough to do.
  5. TrainNut

    TrainNut Ditat Deus

    In N scale it was a lake. In HO, it'll be a pond!sign1
  6. CNWman

    CNWman CNW Fan

    Hey, what period and/or RR are you gonna model? If it helps, I'm planning on doing a modern frelanced railroad so I can run any American train and not be limited by prototype.
  7. jimh

    jimh Member

    From the original HO layout it was a lake.....if I had kept it and went N like I had originally planned it would have been an inland sea at the least. :mrgreen::mrgreen:
  8. jimh

    jimh Member

    Pretty much the same deal here.

    General location/theme I am planning is going to be where the plains and the mountains come together.

    Basically I am looking at a 4x10 (forgot about a 2 foot extension I had on the table). Tell me what you think if you can envision this. (Will try to post a pic tomorrow).

    At one end will be the start of a mountain range with a lake at the base. The range will be completely on the 4 foot end and run a bit down one side of the 10 foot run. At the other end will be a typical small town with a bit of industry. In the middle will be some forest and farmland. The track, for now, is a basic oval. Plan on having it run in front of the lake, then into a tunnel and then through the plains and into town. Eventually I plan on adding a siding for a grain elevator and maybe a spur or two to service some of the other industries.

    Anyway that is the base plan I have at this point.
  9. jimh

    jimh Member

    Here is what I am starting with.

    On the old layout I had a mountain behind the lake where you see the blue on the wall. I had the trains run through the mountain on one side and come back out on the other. There used to be a shelf behind that wooden wall that allowed for the track to be supported. I then had another track that went in front of the mountain and a handmade bridge over the lake. Most of the rest of the table was set up as a small town with a general freight station, passenger station, and various other buildings.

    Anyway that should give you all an idea of what I am working with and starting from.

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