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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by jr switch, Oct 18, 2006.

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    Hello everyone---this is John r. from indiana, new guy, just getting into HO model trains after many years of other hobbies----just wish I had started this years ago---I have three steam engines and a diesel switcher at this time with three rolling stock and caboose and four pass cars--haven't started a layout quite yet , but very understanding wife says the trains are "cute' and wants layout in corner of living room! Iv'e been following Vipermans thread / pics of his layout and plans, looks great! The idea i had to get a bridge on my layout without using any risers or elevation was to cut a wedge into the layout board from the side, under and beyond the track at the edge, build down from the edges of the cut to create a canyon that is narrow at the bottom with a river thru it. Would this be feasible or not?
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    John: welcome. That is a very traditional way of doing it. Think about putting a bit of a bend in the canyon so that it looks as if it starts somewhere, or put a waterfall in.
    You could "build down" by adding layers of foam below the layout board -- one piece of 2" foam would make many layers and you might find a damaged bit at a building site.
    (Several threads on waterfalls; lots more on rivers and canyons.)
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    The bend or water fall in the canyon is pretty important. Having it pluntly hit the back side of the layout is difficult to illustrate where as having it bend around and hide the end is an effective way of also adding illusionary depth.

    So she gave you a corner in the living room? That's pretty good! My wife suggested I build an N scale layout in a glass top coffee table that we recently received as a hand-me-down. It's in bad shape so I figured if I destroyed it in the process there'd be no hard feelings :)
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    I knew this was not an original idea, but I like it due to i am going to avoid inclines if poss.--I'm thinking I'll have one train around the base and another totally separate track at a slightly higher elevation in a different pattern, that way, I can get two bridges over my gorge, different styles and so on--keep posting photos of progress on layouts, I keep seeing great ideas---Thanks ----John R

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