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    Okay some of you have asked about the ID4 models well now your in luck, I have the meshes to both alien ships, the fighters and city destroyers thanks in large part to Plastic Bonzai.

    The only problem is that I can't texture them as I am just beginning to learn this amazing craft from you old heads :grin: Anyway they are here for download to any all who what a shot at texturing them. :twisted:

    They are saved as .3ds so if you need another format let me know Sorry I had some pictures but could not load them

    Peace Out

    - Mike G

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  2. Ermmm


    Are these meshes yours or do you have permission to publish them? It is wise to make that clear. Some modellers are touchy about their work being re-published even though they are originally made freely available for some application. I imagine most would be perfectly fine about it - and even pleased if they become paper models - but it is good form to ask them first if you can.

    I imagine if you take a mesh, use it as a basis for a model or as a reference then the mesh's author would be quite OK or even oblivious but a straight conversion is a bit close to the bone for some.
  3. MikeG_65

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    The website I download these from has been off-line fro several moths so I could not ask the original owner. I assumed it would be okay since I can/could not reach the original author

    Thanks for the heads up though I don't want to do anything wrong either :)
  4. Amazyah

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    Hello, Mike G,
    We all appreciate your efforts but you must either show poof of permission to post this persons work or you need to remove the files from your post.
    If you need to remove them you can simply click on the "Edit" button of your post, remove them and then click save.
    If you cannot get contact with the creator, they would still need to be removed until permission is granted.

    Thanks for your efforts,

  5. Millenniumfalsehood

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    What program is needed to open those?

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