ID this car please?????

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Pitchwife, Apr 29, 2006.

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    I've seen these around several different places, and now through the serendipity of a lot purchase on eBay I now own one. My question is: what the heck is it? Is it just a flat car with three tubs as a load? They work out to about 10' in diameter x 10' high. Who or what would use tubs that large? They appear to be made out of boards and they are open at the top so that rules out most industrial uses that I can think of. Are they intended to carry something? If so, what would be carried in 10' topless wooden tubs that couldn't be better carried is some other kind of car? What period do they belong in? The other cars that came with them aren't a clue, as they are a mishmash from all over the place (I got them primarily for the MT couplers) So, who can fill in the blanks on this one? :confused: :confused: :confused:

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    Looks like a "pickle" car.
    The tubs would be filled with a brine, to carry pickles from the fields, where they were usually aged, to the processing plant. During transport, there would of been covers.
    But I've also seen pics from the 1800's of those cars that were used as early tankers, and would carry numerous types of liquids.
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    Clark,That is a 1860 era "water" car that Bachman makes in HO and N Scale..Also a car like this came in the Mantua "General" 4-4-0 train set that featured the General and several freight cars one set came with passengercars..Now,I can't forget that AHM made this car to go with their old time 4-4-0s and I believe a 2-4-0 called "Browker" or some such name.
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    I guess that means that it might look a little out of place on a 1980s to1990s freight then. :D :D Thanks for the help guys. I still get the couplers out of it, so it was a worthwhile purchase anyway. :thumb: :thumb:

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