ICM T-34/76 1941 Model

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    Model: T-34/76 1942 Model
    Publisher: ICM Papermodelling
    Scale: 1:50
    Format: Free download http://www.pluto.dti.ne.jp/~naka
    Designer: Aki Naka

    This model has been recently released (8 Aug 04) after a long development period. I was interested to see how this design compared to the PzKpfw IV (see earlier review).

    The T-34 was probably the best tank of WW2. The design was both innovative and cheap to produce. See www.battlefield.ru for much more on the T-34.

    The download is in two parts:
    - Three page pdf with the model parts - the organisation and labelling of the parts sheets is really good.
    - Three page instruction pdf which contains labelled plan views and 2 pages of low res images and diagrams.

    The hull is modelled without an internal frame with 4 parts - the upper and lower hull and the 2 mudguards. It doesn't look too difficult but I can see getting the parts aligned without an internal frame might be quite tricky.
    The turret is cleverly designed to not only capture the complex curves of the T-34 turret but also has a simple gun elevation mechanism which is unusual in this scale.

    The T-34 used Christie suspension (swing arms and springs) - the swing arms are modelled quite convincingly. The roadwheels are modelled so that the 2 wheels on an axle are represented. Oddly both the idler or drive wheels are modelled as simple cylinders - to make the track fit the guide teeth must be cut off. The track design is quite clever and looks as though it will give a reasonable representation of the T-34 track without the complexity of the design used for the Panzer IVD.

    The T-34 was a very clean design without the clutter of equipment on the hull top found in tanks of other armies of the period - this has been captured well in this model. It also makes the model much easier to build (imho)

    The model is finished in a uniform green-brown colour with no unit markings - this was fairly typical of Red Army vehicles. I found it printed as a fairly dark brownish colour on a Canon i560. Purists might want to recolour the model greener and lighter.

    Instructions: B
    Paper quality: n/a
    Level of detail: A
    Printing quality: n/a
    Artwork: B (weathering would be nice)
    Value for money: A (can't beat free)
    Skill level: Beginner to Intermediate

    For images of the completed model I suggest: http://www.pluto.dti.ne.jp/~naka/photos.htm#T347641
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    I've update the ICM T-34/76 review with images.



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