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Discussion in 'Extended Mediums' started by lizzienewell, Jan 20, 2006.

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    Here is the other work that I do. I've got this sculpture going on my back fence. Everyday I add put water and food color in cups, boxes, and buckets.
    After it freezes I take out the ice and add it to the sculpture. I pour water to hold the stacks together.
    The rectangular box shape was poured into a milk-carton. This makes it into a variation of card modeling. I've considered makeing unusual shapes out of waterproof card but empty food containers works well. I don't relish trying to make seams waterproof.
    Balloons make nice spherical shapes. I don't have many of those in this picture.
    I normally dislike flash shots because I like how the light comes through the ice but this one works well becasue it shows the frost detail.
    It's better in high resolution.

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    very interesting subject lizzie, i like ice sculptures, expecially those hand carved that is possible to see on "rich banquets". I would like to try but here in Brasil, with almost 35°C it would last very little unless i go to work inside the refrigerator :grin:
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    They have large ones carved like that at festivals in Fairbanks and in Russia.
    I kind of like the stacked variety because it looks like ice and changes in an interesting fashion. The carved kind look gorgious when they are newly carved but the weather degrades them rather than improving them.
    Put a little frost on a carved sculpture and it losses translucency and isn't as pretty.
    Carving ice also requese very sharp and expensive tools along with a special freezer to make the ice without cracks or bubbles.
    I look working with tools that are recycled and so basically free. I also like the cracks and bubbles. They add an element of suspense and surprize.

  4. Kaz

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    My brother lives in Denver where thay have these types of Competitions... the vote being cast by a dollar bill popped into a box! one of the best ones he sent me was of a scuba diver, and the bubbles from the DV was made by freezing balloons filled with water to make ice bubbles, I only wish I'd save them :-(
    BTW Lizzie I like this, a lot.
    Could you do a landscape shot of this, as desktop wallpaper, please
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    I'll need your e-mail address to send a landscape shot to you. I'm not sure if this site will accept a high resolution version.

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