IAI Kfir C 2 beta built

Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by chaiwat kosatanakom, Jan 20, 2013.

  1. chaiwat kosatanakom

    chaiwat kosatanakom New Member

    The original black & white of this model was developed since 2009 in the Royal Thai Air Force Museum, where I once fortunatedly lived there for seven months. Thank you for the kindness of my beloved air force.

    Cafe once modified this model then there are many pictures taken by him posting worldwide. Some of this model currently pirated and on sale in some website. I am very happy to hear that there are many people love this jet in paper model.

    This jet had its long history, it was developed under the very toughest moment of the country when manmy countries sanction with arm trade block. It means that few arm support could provide the country with very limited channel. The blueprint of Mirage V that were seized by the French government then became the long story which extremely good for reading this part of the history. The legend of original spook work!

    So, this is the good time forletting them rock with this beta built. sign1

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  2. shika

    shika Member

    Wow very beautiful krub.
    Plede notify me when your book
    is on yhe market. I will defonitely
    buy it^^.
  3. chaiwat kosatanakom

    chaiwat kosatanakom New Member

    Thank you for your kind compliment.

    The book project is temporarily frozen due to the agreement for sharing of benefit is extremely unacceptable. So, it will take longer time if you wish to buy the book because probably I will do the same technique as Rach Rattanavichan did.

    There is no book at this moment because now I keep it on pending task list.

    Let see further step of the progress of the work. :wave:

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  4. cafe

    cafe Member

    It's nice to see a buil thread! I still can't understand how all of you can roll such small tubes to make missiles.

    Happy new year Chaiwat and "meilleurs voeux" (best wishes) as we say in french! :)
  5. chaiwat kosatanakom

    chaiwat kosatanakom New Member

    Bonjour! Ca va bien?

    It's nice too meet you here my friend cafe and this one was repainted because of your influence via many work from the nets.

    You can use the needle as the mold then slightly roll the paper with it. The results is as you watched! :thumb:
  6. cafe

    cafe Member

    Ca va.

    Oh, so that's why there's a needle! :) I suppose it's better if the paper is thin (say standard printer paper at 80 gsm). I see the landing gear struts are made the same way.

    Your work is an inspiration for me, that's why I went from my boxy F-5A/B/T-38 to the more realistic-looking JJ-7/Mig-21U and Mirage III family.
  7. chaiwat kosatanakom

    chaiwat kosatanakom New Member

    Thank you bros! It 's good to hear that you now enjoy the realistic sexy curve of the aviation. I do love the difficulties of how to make to beautiful curve!

    You also teach me many things to improve my work so please keep on good work so we can develop high quality small scale paper model and now I start the new line of my product. It's the aircraft carrier CVN 76 Ronald Reagan.
  8. periklis_sale

    periklis_sale New Member

    its looking good my friend
    how many hours did it take you to reach that stage?
  9. RonaldoM

    RonaldoM Member

    Even that is not too obvious, quite liked the inclusion of the turbojet

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