I wonder how much of a big layout I could fit in 10x4ft in Z?

Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by Cummins, May 4, 2005.

  1. slurp

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    Just a little piccie on scales i picked up off the net.

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  2. tillsbury

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    That's a bit of a misleading (read: wrong) picture. On30 should be the same size as O, and HOn3 the same as HO. Only the track gauge varies, not the size of the locos. S isn't 3:16 at all, it's 1:64 (sounds like a mistyping of 3/16" to 1 foot). Z is 1:220, not 1:225. The pictures are not in the least bit to scale -- if Z was indeed 10 times smaller than G (which it isn't, quite), then the train should be ten times lower and ten times narrower than the G one, which it obviously isn't in the picture. And if we want to start getting picky, G varies...
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    Another perspective...

    I have a ton of N Scale stuff, everything from rails to switches, to engines and rolling stock and buildings and people to populate a medium sized town. Someday, I'll have a great N Scale layout.

    Meanwhile, I've built a modest Z Scale layout. It measures 30 x 47 inches. It has the ability to run two trains, and is fully scenicked (?). It is also fully portable.

    It's like having your cake and eating it, too!! And yes, my old eyes are getting tired too, but with reading glasses and a little help with a good magnifying glass from time to time, I have a great working layout, while I plan the N Scale layout to come.

    Cheers, Smitty
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    To show how misleading things on the net can be, here's the above picture 'corrected' to their actual scales... G is really huge...

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    Nice work on the math, tillsbury!

    Perhaps you should tackle the unified field theory next.:D
  6. tillsbury

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    42, of course!

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