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Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by Jackrum, May 1, 2007.

  1. Jackrum

    Jackrum Member

    Just wanted to actually show off a model that I have completed. Since I've been posting for a while and not actually shown anything that I've built, oops. Anyway this is Hot4Darmat's 1/600 version of easily the sexiest badass little ship in Sci Fi. And now after no less than 3 attempts at building the damn thing I have one for zooming about the room making zap noises at the dog and annoying the GF with :)


    Now it's complete I can clear my workbench (read small foldaway table with a badly abused cutting board on it) For Elkuth's monster, um Model of the Roger Young. I would highly recommend the corvette or any of hot4darmats other I-war models to anyone. But Hot4Darmat, please, please put out a 1/600 version of the patcom! My Corvy needs Wingmen!
  2. Kaz

    Kaz Member

    I love that game, and all the graffitti'd ships, and a very nice build there. congrats on your first picture post
  3. armorbimbo

    armorbimbo Member

    Good build, but that's the perfect example why designers should NOT use dotted lines for the fold lines. It takes agood model and makes it look, well, not as good.
  4. Jackrum

    Jackrum Member

    Thats a little unfair, You could only alter the opacity of the folding lines in Pepakura since version 2.0 This model came out before that revision back when u had to redo the lines and then ALL the textures again in photoshop or some such. Tell me have you had a go at designing a model yourself? It ain't easy. Mind you saying that I could have altered the lines myself when I was editing the textures for this build. The name and logo but to be honest it didn't occur to me.
  5. Millenniumfalsehood

    Millenniumfalsehood Active Member

    Actually he has, a WH model I believe(unless this is a different "armorbimbo")

    It's at the LHV giftshop.
  6. Hot4Darmat

    Hot4Darmat Member

    Very nice clean build. You're right it is a truly fantastic vessel design. Thanks for posting the picture. I feel all verklempt.

    Yes this model and the others like it were made the extremely hard and inefficient way. I unfolded the model from LW to pepakura, and got all the parts laid out the way I wanted, saved it all to a bitmap master, then used photoshop and a handfull of other graphic packages to texture each and every part individually after the unfold parts were all laid out...sometimes filling only a folded facet at a time. Talk about slow and clunky, I know. I got good at being able to mentally line up things from different parts where textures had to match, like graffitti and other such textures by dead recokoning alone.

    I've improved my texturing processing somewhat since then. I just haven't had time to finish the three or four that are on my workbench with kids, careers, and fun building other peoples' creations, etc.

    Oh, and just for you, I'll make a 1:600 patcom. E-nag me about it in a week if I haven't posted a heads up here.
  7. Hot4Darmat

    Hot4Darmat Member

    btw, I just looked at a more magnified image of the one you posted, and I don't remember the fold lines being so...prominent. My test build (see attached image) didn't seem to be so heavily lined. Did you do some re-texturing? Maybe I just don't recall correctly. I do seem to recall having bold fold lines drawn in after they got lost during the texturing phase, then having to tone them down...but I don't recall at what point I left it. Maybe they're thicker than I recall, or I built an earlier draft.

    Anyway, that's one of those balance issues for especially complex shapes that need lots of folds scored: how to keep the build process easy and correct vs having a nice-looking finished product. Maybe I didn't get that balance right there. Maybe worth revisiting...
  8. armorbimbo

    armorbimbo Member

    I didn't mean my statement against any particualr model designer. It's just something that has always annoyed me. I've built dozens of models and the ones that use a pure/plain black fold lines look so much cleaner and better than those that use the dotted lines.

    I have no talent for texture work and to see someones hard work at quality texture only 'cheapened' by dotted lines is just frustrating. PS'ing the whole model after the fact is not typically fun or easy, especially for a free model.

    And yeah I've designed a couple dozen models (most with out texture) so I appreciate the work that goes into it.
  9. Hot4Darmat

    Hot4Darmat Member

    Not only has armorbimbo created some amazingly fantastically ambitious paper models (unless there are many armorbimbos at various paper model sites), this guys has a knack for kitbashing and pimping existing paper models like I've never seen.

    As for the dreadnaught-class corvette: my list of things to do this month (after I'm finished the Rodger Young buildup) is to redo the texture work for the dready so the lines are less nasty. Thanks for pointing that out.

    Sorry Jackrum, as nice as your build is, you're just going to have to make yet another one, now:wink:
  10. Jackrum

    Jackrum Member

    Nah, I'm happy with my one thanks :) first off all sorry armourbimbo if I seemed a bit rude. And Hot4darmat.. Thats odd about the lines and no I certinately did nothing to enhance them when I was altering the textures! Perhaps it's just my photography showing them up since I don't think they're all that noticeable in real life. I also noticed on your build photo that the accomendation modules actually fit into the docking bays, Oh well.... Looking forward to building your revamped models :)
  11. armorbimbo

    armorbimbo Member

    No worries. I've got some fairly strong opinions on how models should be done. There are many modelers out there that don't give much/any though to the model once they finish texture/design. It's as if they pop it into Pepakura, unfold it and then export it to PDF (or jpg, yeck). They don't take much of any time to consider the best way to unfold a part or tab placement (or even the number of parts on a page, come on people you don't need 2 inches between parts). Those are very key elements to making a buildable model. The fold lines are pretty minor if the rest is done well, but all the little bits make up to the whole.

    Even though I don't texture well, most everyone of my models has good tab placement and is unfolded in a way that provides for the easiest assembly while maintaining a good looking model in the end.

    There have been doezens of models that I was excited to build only to find out that when I open the PDF, the model maker just let Pepakura do it's job without doing anything extra. I end up closing that PDF and it gets archived, never to be built by me.

    No saying this to anyone in particular, simply stating some of my perspective/opinions.

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